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Give me the skinny on herbs and spices - the ingredients list

Cassie C

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I make my own blends by using individual spices bought from my health food store.  That seems to be the easiest way to get a preservative or caking-free mix.  If you cannot find it, you can order on line from places like:






You need to be a label reader, because even Frontier Organics uses silicon dioxide.  It is frustrating


Penzey's spices are super high quality, but their on line description doesn't include an official ingredient label (just the spices used in blends) so I can't be 100% sure they are free from the additives.

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Silica dioxide is added to some things to make them flow more freely. I like my spices without such help, but it is not a deal breaker for use during a Whole30. 


Tip: You can look things up you are unsure about in Wikipedia to see what the heck it is. There are plenty of things that we allow during a Whole30 that you might not want to consume when you know more about it. 


As strict as the Whole30 feels, it would be a lot stricter if we said that you could not eat anything with "additives" because there are many. Only a few cause problems consistently and those are highlighted in the rules. 

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