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Hormonal issues


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Hi all


I'm new here. I've not done a Whole30 yet but planning on starting one very soon, just trying to get some compliant ingredients in the house first. I've been Paleo/Primal (most of the time) for a few years and would never go back as the benefits for me have been huge - usual stuff better sleep, more energy, plus no IBS symptoms. 


When I started eating Paleo more strictly I had no periods due to breastfeeding. I dropped quite a bit of weight without trying after always finding losing weight really really hard. I felt great and if I slipped and gained a few pounds I could shift it again really easily. All was good. Then my periods returned and my body now behaves totally differently. I haven't gained all of the weight back but more than I am happy about and now find it really hard to lose weight. The only difference is the return of my periods so I guess there must be some kind of hormonal factor which I'm hoping the Whole30 will shed some light on.


Anyone been through anything similar? I'm really hoping that this is something that can be fixed, any experiences would be great!

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