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Whole30's effect on blood work, etc


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My husband and I completed our first Whole3 on April 30th. On the 29th I had a doctors appt for blood work, just routine thyroid monitoring. I debated getting on the scales at the doctors office but complied. I was down about 18 lbs from last years check.

I got the lab results back last week:

     Glucose -24 pts, down to 68, I had been considered pre-diabetic.

     Triglycerides -15 pts

     Total cholesterol -20 pts

I'm down 2 pant sizes and working out now. 


Hubby's results: 

      The sleep apnea he was developing is gone, he doesn't snore at all now.

     His gut problems are clearing up, we discovered he has nightshade sensitivity.

     He lost 20 lbs and has less joint pain.


He took some convincing and I eased him into the Whole30 but I'm so happy he decided to participate, in fact he's so pleased with the change he wants to continue the Paleo lifestyle!






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