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Smoothies and a water question

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Today is day 1 of my first ever whole30! I am excited and nervous about this journey and cannot wait to see what the 30 days brings for me!

I had just a quick question...or two. Are there any whole30 approved smoothie recipes? And can I drink anything besides water for the next 30 days?

Thank you in advance for any advice/tips!

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Smoothies are discouraged during a Whole30, so there are no approved recipes. Drinking your food rather than chewing it changes the digestion process - makes it faster. That means you get hungry faster and are likely to eat more. Our hormonal rhythms are best when meals are spaced 4-6 hours apart, so getting hungry faster is a problem. 


You can add flavors to water. I add lime, lemon, black cherry, etc. Whole Foods sells a bunch of bottled juices. You cannot drink the juice straight, but you can add a splash to a glass of water for flavor. Many teas are okay. Just check ingredients to make sure there is no off-plan ingredients.


By the way, the forum already has many, many posts about things you can drink. Explore and find more ideas.

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