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Day 14-Having A Bad Day

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Today is my Day 14 and it is a rough one. On Sunday (Day 10) my energy seemed to kick back up and I felt great. We went for a nice long hike. Monday, I did my evening errands on bicycle. Felt Great! Tuesday I did a low-impact HIIT workout and felt great--tendonitis in my knee is even gone. Wednesday, I tried to run but only got in about 1.75 miles because my legs were tired so I did some weights for arms. Today I'm a mess. I cannot shake the fatigue. My stomach is terribly bloated and uncomfortable and again, I'm exhausted. I just don't get it. I felt so great! I thought for sure I turned the corner and could return to normal exercise. I'm just feeling very discouraged today. :(


Sample Meals:


Meal 1:

scrambled egg w/ veggies

1/2 decaf black coffee


Meal 2:

mixed greens topped w/ grilled chicken, 1/2 avocado, veggies (peppers, cukes, etc.), maybe a chopped up hard-boiled egg, vinegar and EVOO


Meal 3:

protein (roasted turkey, grilled burger, salmon, etc.), sweet potato, veggie


I may have a handful of nuts during the day, but not every day. I also have one serving of fruit per day -- apple, apricot, 1/2 banana, handful of grapes.


Is it normal to feel this way at the almost-halfway point? I did a little reading here and decided I will add some of the digestive enzymes. I do take a probiotic w/ dinner every day.


Any advice/suggestions? Thanks--





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This does not look like enough food to me.


M1 you say scrambled "egg"... is that really one egg?  If so... no way.  Should be 3-4 eggs depending on size & activity level.  What was your fat with this meal?


Where is your pre-workout and post-workout meal?  What do they look like?


Also, maybe it is just time for a rest day.  I don't know what your "normal exercise" looks like, but you've had a pretty active week so far.


I also see no fat listed with M3.

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Brewer-- Thanks for your reply! For M1 I mix 9 eggs and divide it between 12 muffin cups and fill rest of the way with veggies sauteed in ghee and turkey sausage. I have one of the baked egg muffins for M1. Fat in the eggs and the ghee I sauteed the veggies in. M2&3 - if it includes a salad there is avacado and EVOO for the fats. If it includes streamed veggies I drizzle with some ghee...also fat in the meats, so I feel like I'm eating more than enough fats here. Maybe not? I usually work out after dinner so I count that as my pre-WO meal. If I know I will be running I have a sweet potato with dinner which is pre-run or I have a half banana (potassium for calf cramps?). After is when I have almonds and dried apricots or fruit. Today was a rest day so I'm hoping I will have some of that energy back tomorrow.


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I hope someone else will chime in here with the link to the meal template (posting in a hurry, sorry) -- but no, that does not sound like enough food.  And not enough fat.  You are not even eating ONE entire egg, then, if you are dividing 9 eggs out between 12 cups.  That is not enough protein for breakfast.


Pre-workout should be protein and fat (not carbs)... post-workout should be starchy carbs like sweet potato and lean protein (not fruit).


I will be back later & sorry for posting in a hurry, but I wanted to catch you before you logged off.  I think you could make some tweaks and have a lot better results / more energy, for sure.




Here it is:




As you can see, we are to be adding fat in addition to the fat that is in your eggs or your meat.  If you find that you are still struggling with energy, or not being satisfied between meals (do you still feel hungry a lot?) then you may need to check out the template again and really try to stick with the recommendations.  See if it makes a difference. Good luck!

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Yup BrewerS has it right on both counts. Not nearly enough food (especially at meal 1) and I would agree that maybe your body just needed a rest day as well. Rest and recovery is just as important as exercise itself.

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