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Day 1 (05/15)

1. Breakfast: 2 hb eggs, banana, 1 oz chicken breast

* Snack: celery stalks

2. Lunch: 2 hb eggs, 2 oz chicken breast, grape tomatoes, strawberries

* snack: banana & celery stalks, dry roasted almonds

3. Dinner: tilapia, power greens with Amy Lu ' s chicken sausage (0 sugar), fruit salad (blackberries, mango)

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Today was my 1st day, and I just decided last night to start. I had to go with what was in my pantry & fridge. Other than eliminating the snacking (usually coffee curbs this, but I can't drink it without cream & sugar, which = no coffee for me!), and adding some more veggies, I think I did ok today. I added EVOO to the tilapia and the chicken had it on there, too...

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