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1 Week in: exciting journey!


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Hi all,

  I'm writing because I'm officially on day 8!  I have completed the first week, and am feeling great.  I adopted a paleo way of eating about 6 months ago, and have actually found the transistion (with the exception of a bit more planning) to be relatively smooth!  That being said, I feel like that is largely due to the fact that before even starting, I searched, read, researched and thoroughly enjoyed the Whole30 website and forum.  Thank you all!


 I think the biggest things for me at this point are relatively mental.  I have stopped tracking calories, and stuck to not weighing myself.  Both seemingly consumed me prior to starting...and I now truly feel liberated!  I am learning more about my body, and re-learning how to respond to its natural signals.  That's a great feeling!  Having struggled with exercise addiction in the past, I am also trying, (so far successfully, but by no means easily) to scale back the frequency and intensity of my workouts during my Whole30 journey.  I'm beginning to believe for myself what I have always known to be true; rest and recovery are often more important than the work itself...and more importantly, I am following that advice.  Small victories, right?! :)


  Anyway, I have read the timeline, and gathered information regarding what to expect from the forum.  A lot of it has proven to be pretty accurate in terms of my own experience.  However, with the exception of a few dreams involving things like endless Doritos and Reese's Pieces (foods I haven't touched in years), things have seemed relatively easy.  I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, followed by difficulty later on in the journey, and if so what tips/techniques/advice can be given to stay on track?

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Congratulations! Glad things have been a breeze so far. I think the planning and the fact that you had been paleo before trying this out are really paying off for you. There are still potential stumbling blocks ahead. You may yet get a delayed bout of the carb flu, and some people experience a loss of appetite and increase in fatigue about three weeks in as their bodies make a last ditch rebellion to go back to the old ways. Or it may be smooth sailing all the way. That happens, too.


I think you should just enjoy where you are, keep going, and allow yourself to be surprised. It you do hit an obstacle, just post it in one of the forums and we'll talk you through it.


Good luck!

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