Wine O'Clock!


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Anyone else having to dredge up every ounce of strength to get through 'Wine O'Clock'?


During the week, no problem....but Friday and Saturday about 6.30pm....once the children have had dinner and are about to have their bath, story & bedtime internal 'time to wind down now' switch flicks and I think 'I could really do with a glass of wine''s been such a habit for me for years that I actually have to take a moment and give myself a good talking to.


In my weaker moments, I get my husband to play bad cop (not in a kinky way!!!) and he reminds me why I'm doing this and how well I'm doing.


We don't have any wine in the house (I'm not that strong!) but my husband has a few beers over the weekend. He buys the type of beer I don't like (I only really enjoy premium European beer such as Leffe Blond) so that I won't be tempted.


It's the only thing I really miss....a crisp prosecco or glass of rose on a warm evening or a mellow red on a cold evening...yum! But, I'm on day 12....and I'm doing so well and feeling so great without it that I will not give in to it. And I know that one glass leads to 3 which leads to 'oh sod it...' snacking on cheese or chocolate or ice cream. So it really is not worth it!


Other than that I'm feeling pretty dandy at the moment!!!



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I've been having fizzy water too with a wedge of lime over ice....looks like a G&T....but isn't! It's our first hot weekend here in Blighty and that normally means G&Ts, Pimms or Rose wine! Staying strong....and my skin is benefitting from all the water.

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