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Since part of my goal in doing Whole 30 is to be free of food obsessions, I'll be logging in only once or twice a week. I want to strike a balance between being thorough and being obsessive.


So, my log is a list of my weekly food items. Except for fruit and maybe a few extra salad items, this is it for the week.


What's in my fridge:


broccoli slaw with added cabbage (I add a few walnuts to this; this is my go-to breakfast veggie dish)

Whole 30 Awesome Mayo (incredible recipe!)

Beef Bottom Roast for Sunday Cookup (this will be my go-to dinner protein)

4 huge chicken thighs (cooking these today: each thigh is protein enough for a meal, so that's 4 meals)

smoked salmon (no sugar) for Saturday breakfast to give myself a boost. (I just ate it and it was wonderful.)

fennel head

walnuts soaked & roasted for various uses – this will last weeks

Romaine lettuce (3 hearts)

shredded carrots


Bag of de-frosted frozen strawberries

Jar of almond butter (got to control myself on this)


Bag of fresh spinach

'Shrooms (baby bellas)



cans of tuna & salmon for lunches when I don't want to cook

Bag of sweet potatoes (not yams) for cookup either today or tomorrow

slivered almonds

roasted almonds


vinegars, etc.

Coconut oil

coconut milk (bought these previously & never used...)

broths: chicken and beef


What I need:

More salad vegetables



Kale, spinach, etc.

??? - any suggestions welcome


Note that I don't have many fruits on this list. That is because as a sugar addict, I am going to go easy on the fruits for at least a week. I'll buy them on a day to day as-needed basis.


I realize that this is heavy on the “meat & chicken for proteinâ€. I have wild salmon in the freezer, and will concentrate on that in my 2nd week. For this week, I bought what was on special and I'm happy with my choices.


A word about the mayo. I was skeptical but you guys made a believer of me. This is truly the BEST mayo I have ever tasted. The addition of the egg white makes the consistency fluffy and not heavy, oily and gloppy. It is the easiest I have ever made – I am a veteran of many a failed mayo. such a relief not to have to separate the egg, and put the extra white in a container, use it for tomorrow's omelette...I always hated that. Bravo!




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Your list looks good!


Some tips and potential gotchas, to make sure you have the best possible success:

- For each meal, follow the recommended meal template of 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies, and the appropriate amount of compliant fat. 
- Make sure your tuna and salmon are compliant: not packaged in soy or other nasties
- Confirm that the coconut milk is compliant. If in a box, watch out for carrageenan, sugar or sweetener. In a can, watch out for potassium metabisufite.

- Make sure the chicken and beef broth are compliant: no gluten, soy, sugar/sweetener, etc.

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