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After much thought, I'm ready!


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After much thought I've decided to start on May 19th, not because it's a Monday, but because tomorrow night my dad really wants to try to re-create these awesome falafels he had at a little Jewish deli in Paris last week.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was my start date, and I figured the next day would work just as well. 

I was planning to use this weekend to get my pantry ready, but then I realized my pantry is already ready (yay me and my wallet!), and I'm already stocked up on plenty of proteins, veggies, fruits and good fats. 

I've seen that there are a few people starting on this date, and I would like to check in with you all now and then.

I don't have any health or physical problems and I already eat really well, but both of my parents are diabetic.  With this genetic risk factor looming over me, I'm doing this to avoid any potential future problems as my body gets older (I'm 46 now.)

I am excited to be embarking on another leg of my healthy journey. 

To our continued good health!!!


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