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Sick since Day 29 running out of time to reintro


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Hi Guys,


I am currently on Day 32 of my first whole 30. I mainly went on this program to sort out years of recurring health issues (sinus/chest infections + asthma) Although tough at times my airways/sinuses had never felt clearer I was cruising a long and looking forward to reintro.


Then day 29 hit and since then I've had a nagging cough with chest congestion. It hasn't got as bad as I would usually expect pre whole 30 but I'm definitely "sick" and it's also not leaving my system as quickly as I had hoped.


I made the decision to skip my day 31 reintro and continued to eat whole 30 as I figured the results would be skewed. Unfortunately upon waking up on Day 32 I'm still not feeling any better so fear I may have to delay again.


Now here's the problem. It's my birthday on the 26th and my family has been looking forward to taking me out to dinner which we had arranged just after my 4th reintro meaning I could eat off the program. If I delay today though I will run out of days to finish my reintros (including the 2 day resets in between) before this dinner is booked.


What are my options? Is it possible to delay a reintro or two until after the dinner or is the clean slate to test upon wiped because I won't have eaten whole 30 for that meal? If not do I just start reintro and hope to not make symptoms worse or hope reactions aren't repository related?


In the long run I believe I will continue to try to eat paleo/primal but I do want the allowance to have these off plan meals out from time to time. 


I also don't want to waste the past 30 days by not being able to complete the reintro with accurate results.


Honestly I'm pretty down about this. I felt whole30 was the magic bullet to curing my sickness and to be struck down right at the end makes me fear I need to continue searching for an answer :(



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Do as much of the Whole30 as you need to, then do as much of your reintro as you can. If the birthday celebration interrupts either, you can always do a Whole7 or Whole14 afterwards, then do the reintro properly. As you said, this is a long-term thing, so these things (the obstacles/challenges) will be pretty routine from now on. It's a matter of riding them out (and enjoying the heck out of them!), then getting back on track.


Good luck!

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Thanks GlennR


Unfortunately I couldn't shake the asthma/cough so my whole 30 turned into a whole 39 before I eventually had to break the cycle and go to a birthday dinner where I thoroughly enjoyed an italian restaurant pizza and pasta. The following night I was taken out again this time Japanese with an apple cider and finally last night a home cooked chinese meal with short soup and spring rolls. So over a few days (special week I won't be off course like this often) I'd had a fair bit of grains/wheat/dairy/soy/alcohol and who knows what else! 


I tried my very best not to feel guilty about it as I ate. Now the interesting/good??? news is I didn't end up terribly ill after all of this. I felt bloated/full but that's likely because I very much over ate (did learn I could IF pretty easily though). My skin may have been more oily and my sinuses slightly congested but nothing too serious.


I'm back to eating whole 30ish again now because I truly believe overall it is better for me (will probably end up a 80/20er long term) 


So just to clarify, if I can ever shake this bout of asthma/phlegm issue I simply put together a whole 7 and my system should be clean enough to do a more formal reintro?


As for my ongoing respiratory problems I really feel whole 30 has helped my sinus congestion but evidently not my chest which has been a problem for many years (constant sinus/throat/chest infections). Is there any other obvious things I should try modifying from the original whole 30 to try to sort this ongoing issue out?

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drc13, good on you that off roading didn't affect you that much! Some people become much more sensitive after their Whole30s and experience much more severe reactions.


The amount of time you go back to Whole30-style eating (Whole7 or Whole14 or whatever) is very much up to how you are feeling. Once you feel like you've regained whatever benefits you had from your original Whole30, then you're good to go for your formal reintro.


Regarding your sinus/throat/chest infections, I don't know. Getting right with food can certainly help you combat or ameliorate long-standing illnesses, but it's not a panacea, since so many other factors play into illnesses. I presume you've seen a medical professional about it?

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