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clcwin Whole30 log - its my first time, kinda


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This is my first whole30, well kinda. I've never tried this one exactly but I've tried variations of just about everything. My goal this time is to just feel good. I know how to eat clean but i have an addiction to sugar (mainly chocolate), oh and rice, other grains are addictive too. Lately I've been suffering from stomach issues, dull skin, anxiety, lack of energy, as well as gaining a little weight (5 lbs) but loss of tone and shape. I don't eat alot at any one meal but I tend to snack all day...this will be the toughtest part.

I've been reading so many logs and posts, it is motivating. I decided to log to keep myself accountable and maybe inspire someone else. Starting my log on Day 2....Day 1 went fairly well!! I need your help to stick with it!

Day 1

Breakfast: 4 egg whites with spinach and avacado. Green tea

PWO Snack: 2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch: Salad with mixed greens, avacado, tomato, cucumbers, apple, almonds and cashews

Dinner: Chicken breast and Zuchinni Fritters (shredded zuc, onion, egg white, salt, pepper cooked in Coconut Oil Spray)

Day 2 I'm up early for hot yoga so need to eat light

Breakfast: Two HB eggs, avacado, cashews. Green tea

Lunch: salad with chicken

Dinner: wild cod, sweet potato and salad

Day 3

Eggs, spinach, avocado

Salad with chicken, veggies and sunflower seeds

Turkey veggie meatballs, salad and cashews

Day 4. (Tough day, had to spend most of it at a candy trade show..I was strong, said no thank you a lot)

Eggs, veggies cashews

Turkey veggie meatballs and Avacado

Salad with turkey, sweet potato fries

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Do you have a copy of the meal template?  For best results, follow the meal template recommendations for every meal. That means 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies and the appropriate amount of compliant fat. Looks like your lunch was missing protein, and today's breakfast was missing veggies?

Check the ingredients on your coconut oil spray: most cooking sprays contain soy lecithin, making them non-compliant.  If you did ingest soy, that unfortunately calls for a restart. You could extend your Whole30 to a Whole32 if that works better for your mindset.

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