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Just started and excited to meet you


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Hi everyone. I am on day 2 of my whole 30 and I wanted to join these forums for support.

I am turning 34 next month and have had disordered eating and a rubbish body image as well as depression since college. I was anorexic for several years then developed a binge eating disorder that I have been trying to shake for about 10 years. I am addicted to sugar and carbs. I have about 5-10 pounds to lose.

I want to succeed at this Whole 30 to regulate my eating, eat better food and feel better mentally and physically.

I have tried to stop bingeing and lose weight so many times over the years without success. I am doing this whole 30 on my own- my husband doesn't want to give up pizza and ice cream and my family thinks it's just another weird eating disorder.

I really look forward to participating here in this forum to learn from your successes and hard work

Thanks for your support. I hope to be talking to you often!

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