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Diets don't work is my mantra.

I am a female approaching fifty and it is coming at me fast!

Health is my main concern but who would not like the side affect of good health showing in weight loss?


I have started to notice that my hair is thinning and my nails are weak and fragile. I am overweight and need to lose about 35 kilos. I have insulin resistance and carbs make me feel yuk.


I have proclaimed to eat a primal diet for the last 4 years or so. Yet I am no poster girl for that way of life.  I have seriously examined my food choices and have noticed that I have added a little of something that is not primal to every meal I eat.  You know a little gravy mix with a roast won't hurt, processed cheese on the burger patty with a small squirt of tomato sauce well that's ok because we all know it only a little bit. Then there is white wine one glass with dinner has turned into one while preparing dinner, one with dinner and if I feel like it one after dinner. Whoa that's nearly a whole bottle of wine per night!


So to that end I am doing the whole however many to reset myself.


I have not done enough prep to be perfect but had to start regardless of the pantry, fridge situation. Will be prepping food this afternoon  :) 


Please join in and give any guidance you think is required!


So food yesterday 

Day 1:

B:Cup of black tea, leftover slice of roast pork, sweet potato.

L: did not happen crazy busy (I know this is wrong but had to get started)

D: 2 x lamb chops, cauliflower rice, pumpkin,

drank heaps of mineral water 



Day 2 :

B: Sweet potato hash with onion, bacon and black pudding. (it was the best I could come up with before food prep)



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Day 2  continued.

L: pork mince with carrot,shredded cabbage and Thai spices and an orange.

D: lamb chops,spinach, carrot and sweet potato


The pork mince is sitting in the fridge ready for breakfast tomorrow. I also made extra spinach and orange veggies and extra lamb chops.

Drinking lots of mineral water with a squeeze of lime.


The next couple of weeks are really busy. Wednesday (tomorrow) is a friends birthday dinner then  I am working away from home Thursday , Friday and Saturday. Will be compliant as I can be. Steak and veggies are always available and compliant so I guess that is what I will be eating. 

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Being "compliant as I can be" is not sufficient for a Whole30. The Whole30 is a total compliance program. It is an elimination diet for 30 days. If you don't eliminate the off-plan foods, you haven't done the program. There is no easier, softer version of the Whole30 for people with demanding lives. The program is not defined like this for the sake of being tough, but because total elimination of problem foods is the only way to discover fully what is happening in your body when you eat them. 


You may not be ready to do a Whole30. You may need to work your way up to total compliance by getting better prepared, practicing more, learning more. 

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Eating out can be tough.  I have learned (especially through this forum) to order steak or chicken- without seasoning, and steamed veg.  If they have sweet potatoes, I will have one - without seasoning.  I bring a small container of ghee and a container of my own salad dressing (in case a salad is all I can find to eat).  If I know where I am going beforehand, I will call the restaurant that day and talk with the staff about my restrictions and ask what they recommend.  It has always worked out well.  I even got a chinese food restaurant to make shrimp and veg, steamed with no sauce - they looked at me weird but I stayed compliant!


Welcome to W30!

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That timeline is a worry :D best not show it to the husband as we are working away together over the next couple of days.


Day 3 food

B: sweet potato hash with an egg, cup of black tea

L: pork mince and a pear

D: rib eye steak with green veggies and mineral water with lime slices.

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Day 4

B:sweet potato hash

L: Pear

D: Lamb cutlets sweet potato asparagus, spinach

Lots of mineral water

Working away at the moment so I was really happy to find a pub that served a compliant meal.

The monster headache has gone and I am feeling so much better.

Not e to self look at toms whole life eating site when I get home.

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Had an interesting conversation with my son who eats primal. He says that when we eat sugar and grains we have a different flora in our gut and mouth and that flora drives you to feed it sugar and grains! So it has helped me to think about not feeding that flora and I am not depriving myself but killing off that flora that is driving me to eat the wrong things! How neat is that?

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Hi, Jacmac. Just want to make sure you have the meal template handy for easy reference. Looking at what you've been eating so far, I can tell you right now that you need to eat more (one egg for breakfast or a pear for lunch is nowhere near enough for Whole30). 


Per the meal template, try to have 1-2 palm size servings of protein, fill the rest of your plate with veggies, add some fat at each meal. Limit fruits to 1-2 servings a day eaten at mealtimes. Following this will give you the best chance of a successful Whole30.


Good luck!

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Day 6 feeling fine. I am amazed at how easy it has been to eat this way whilst on the road.

Pubs now offer low or nor carb options which makes eating this way cheaper and more convenient.

I do feel like I have not had enough fat though so tonight I plan to pan fry something in lard! Probably some chicken , the green veggies I had last night were so delicious I will recreate the a t home.

B: 2 eggs, 2 rashers bacon, tomato, black tea

L: handful of macadamias & an apple (probably not enough but we are driving and keen to get home)

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b: Bacon and left over chicken hash

L: 2 eggs and bacon

D: lamb chops carrot and cauli mash

snacks macadamias, & apple.


Today I was in a meeting all day so food was tricky but energy levels and concentration were good.

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day 8

b: sweet potato hash with left over lamb chop and 1 egg



I have a slow cooker curry on for tonight with some beef in it. Everyone else will be having tacos/ burritos.


I have noticed I am still looking for something after meals I think this is still a sugar craving?!? Still I keep thinking about that gut and mouth flora and there is no way I am feeding those little buggers!

i am sleeping really well hardly waking at all through the night and am not groggy when I wake in the morning.

Today is a day off but that always seem to be a furphy in this house :) Washing is on (hubby is such a good boy), dinner is cooking housework about to be done.

We have literally just sold our home the cooling off period ends Tuesday week. Next on the agenda I guess will be packing.

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I could be sugar, or it could be habit.


If you are having a "craving", ask yourself if you are really hungry (as in I could eat fish and broccoli right now).  If you are, have a mini meal. 


If you are not "really" hungry, think about what is causing the craving.  Are you watching TV and are used to eating while you watch?  If so, find something else to do - go for a walk, plan meals for the rest of the week.  If you really want to watch the program, find something to do with your hands (knitting, crocheting, etc).


If it is stress eating, acknowledge it!  That was the biggest habit for me to break - and still is.  When I am in that situation, I find something compliant and then ask myself if it is beneficial for me to eat it, or merely permissive.  If it is permissive but not beneficial, then I try to move on and wait for my next meal - or even eat my next meal a little bit early




If it is truly a sugar craving - don't give in!  If you feed more sugar, it will just get worse!  If you stay away - the cravings will get better!

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The days are running into one another! I am day count confused oh well so much for more concentration and less foggyyness.... :P  :D

b:egg, tomato, black pudding 


dinner tonight will be a whole chicken baked with a ginger, lemon and orange rub then stuffed with ginger, lemon & orange all cooked on a bed of cabbage.

I have not made it before hope it's better than the darn curry.

I plan to go for a swim this afternoon and am happy to be moving my body besides the daily walk with the dogs.

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dinner was delicious  :lol:

D: chicken, carrot (out of our own veggie garden), broccoli


My swim was very enjoyable there is something about the water that relaxes me.


Tomorrow night we are hosting the state of origin football game so I have cooked two curries in preparation. One is an Indian curry the other butter chicken made with coconut milk so I can have some. They are both cooked and ready to go so no stress tomorrow after work.

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B: Bacon, egg, tom

L: Left over chicken and carrot


D: a couple of sweet potato chips (home made and a small lamb chop just was not hungry


our team lost the game  :o but it is a series so we have another chance in 2 weeks.


The curries went down well I thought there would be left overs but the bowls were wiped clean!


Been busy with real estate matters and looking at investment properties and such.

As I walked into a room this morning my husband said hello skinny he reckons he can see a difference already :D

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Oh dear! our stove has broken. Which is very inconvenient at any time but particularly now as we have sold our house and have to replace the darn thing. What is worse is I suspect the new owners will replace the kitchen anyway.

So dinner tonight was at our local club. I had steak and veggies no potato. It was nice to not have to cook.


B: Lamb and cauli mash

L: left over chicken and carrot

D:steak and vegggies

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DAY 12 

Husband is working away this weekend and daughter works in hospitality so I am foot loose this weekend.

I have ordered a book from a city bookshop so will do that and continue on to the light festival vivid http://www.vividsydney.com/

Food may be an issue. Last year the festival created traffic havoc including foot traffic! Restaurants and pubs were overcrowded as was the public transport system.

B: Tomato, bacon, sausage,black tea.

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