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Day 13

B: sausage, bacon, tomato, black tea

L: apple and a huge strawberry

D: paleo pizza


Day 14

B: Sausage, egg, tom. black tea


Yesterdays trip into the city went well. I visited the bookshop and Ikea but the light festival really did make the city was crazy busy. I came home without seeing too much.

Today  is housework and preparing for the week ahead.

I slept 12 hours last night! I was so tired I went to bed at 8:30 and turned off my light at 9pm and awoke at 9.06 this morning.

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Just catching up - hope the stove issue is fixed :). I know what it's like to be without. My died on me last October. I ended up just buying a hot plate to cook with. Wasn't really an issue until I started cooking for w30 and prepping my meals ahead of time. Talk about having to plan ahead and some major time managements skills - especially since I can't run the microwave and the hot plate at the same time without tripping the breaker!

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Hi Karen, yup the stove thing was really annoying the darn thing could of hung on for a couple of weeks!

We bought a reconditioned one for $300, cheap but would of preferred to spend that money on our new place but a family has to eat.


I have been crazy busy getting quotes for the place we are moving into. We are renovating an investment property we have had for about 10 years so we can move into it. The place is a really small town house that has been under cared for by the tenants. Fences, gas connections, new bathroom, new kitchen, new flooring, painting and the list goes on. I still have to work and do all the things I was busy doing before. PHEW!


 I have stayed whole 30 just not recorded meals here. 


B; sweet potato hash with pork sausage, black tea

L: Handful of macadamias

D: ginger and citrus chicken, spinach, bacon, mushrooms, brussels.



B:pork spare ribs with Moroccan seasoning, left over spinach, bacon ,mushrooms

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