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Kayt's 1st Whole 30


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I swear I am not really missing.. or fallen off the wagon just a CRAZY busy weekend.  Has anyone else found that they had more food issues then they thought  while doing the whole 30.  I am realizing that on the weekends, and hot busy days esp.  I don't eat.  Like I have to sit and force myself to eat a meal.  This is explaining a lot... like why on tuesday not on the whole 30 I feel like I have a food hangover.  Bc Monday I spent binging to make up for what I didn't eat over the weekend.


I spent the weekend at Relay for life, making good food decisions and asking lots of questions.  I had roasted a chicken and had it in our cooler, eating off of that for our meals.  I grilled one of the food trucks that came about all of their ingredients, come to find out that one of their owners does Whole 30 so there is a secret menu of very yummy salads and such that you can get if she is working.


And we will not go into the amount of water I drank between saturday and sunday it was INSANE. 


Sunday was tough, so tough we had a retirement party to go to.  I pretty much ate fruit and veggies there, and added some protien when I got home.  And then for dinner  I was invited to a friends house who made the most amazing bison burgers for me, leaving out the blue cheese, and tons of grilled veggies.  They made the cutest desserts for the other guests, that i passed over.


So all in all I am pretty proud of myself.  I probably should have eaten more then I did on saturday but, I just didn't force myself to do so.    I am now in week 3 of the wohle 30 :)

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