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Kelly -

I would agree - the texture and properties are more similar than the other two. Just as a handy reference, I use tapioca for anything that needs thickening because it has no flavor. But, I always add it before I heat the liquid and I always opt for too little.

Hope that helps for next time!

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Chia seeds are not a go on the Whole 30.

Thanks! A few days later I read about the seed oils and when they mentioned chia seed oil I did some more homework but forgot to come back and follow up! As you can see, I'm a newbie and have not made it through a Whole30 program yet.

What a bummer considering all the positive hype from other lifestyles! Lots to learn :)

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On 8/6/2012 at 6:47 PM, Kelly Pattison Schumann said:

Hey there! I need some help asap. LOL I have some chili going and need some ideas for a thickener. I have coconut flour and almond flour. Even tapioca. What would you use instead of masa harina?

Thanks so much!


Arrowroot is a great thickener! 

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