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Days 20-23 (so far) VERY BLOATED

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Around day 15 I started feeling GREAT! Energy ramped way up around day 17. My clothes were fitting better, I felt great, and suddenly, like I had never started this Whole30 journey, I woke up bloated on day 20. It hasn't gone away. Bloated, gassy, stomach pain almost after everytime I eat. Admittedly I think I ate too many fruit and nuts on days 18-19 (I was working, running errands, busy, and out of groceries- so I relied on what was quick, easy, and available).


Things I will admit-

-I love fruit. So I have about 3 servings a day (one with each meal)

-I have a long span of time between my lunch break and when dinner is finally ready, so I often end up eating nuts, or raw veggies with guac.

-I only have 1 cup of coffee a day

-I haven't been drinking as much water lately. I know it's probably not enough.


Things I have considered-

-Too many fruits and nuts?

-Problem with nightshades?

-Eggs? I eat 2-4 a day.



Day 21

Breakfast- 1/4 of a quiche (eggs, sweet potato crust, ground turkey, rosemary). black coffee. Banana.

Lunch- Leftover moroccan chicken (recipe from ISWF book), salad greens and raw veggies, avocado, avocado "ranch" dressing. (homemade, whole30 approved ingredients)

Snack- raw almonds

Dinner- "pizza spaghetti"- (spaghetti squash, ground turkey with italian seasoning, whole30 approved pepperoni, eggs as a binder, spaghetti sauce). Fruit bowl (1 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries)


Day 22

Breakfast- 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/4 avocado, banana with almond butter. coffee black

Lunch- Left over "pizza spaghetti". Small green apple

Snack- Raw carrots and cucumber, guac. Raw almonds

Dinner- Citrus chicken salad- (lemon pepper grilled chicken, greens, slices of orange and grapefruit, citrus dressing)

Snack later- couple of oranges (this is unusual for me, but my bf was complaining about all these oranges we have that can't go to waste. weak excuse, I know)

**Horrible stomach pain before afternoon snack, and after. Horrible pains after dinner for several hours.


Day 23 (today)

Breakfast- 3 hardboiled eggs with avocado. banana. almond butter. black coffee

Lunch- chicken breast with seasoning (definitely some peppers- paprika, cayanne, chipotle), raw veggies and guac, small green apple.


haven't had anything else today. Lunch was about 2 hours ago and I am miserable. I feel like I have eaten a pile of cookie dough and pizza, followed by a beer and hard cider. I have pain and tenderness in my abdomon, and severe bloating (like end of first trimester pregnant look)


HELP? Things were going SO WELL, and now this change? At a point of wanting to quit if this is how I am going to feel :(

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The first thing to do is to stop eating nuts and nut butters completely. The second thing is to stop eating raw veggies. Cook them all because cooked veggies digest easier than raw ones. Stop nuts and raw veggies for a week and see if you are not much better.


Since I am not familiar with all your recipes, I am not sure if you are eating cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc. These veggies can be more challenging than some others, especially raw. If you are eating much of these, you might want to reduce or stop for a while to see if it helps.


I don't think the amount of fruit you are eating would cause the GI distress you are describing, but I think you are eating too much fruit and not enough veggies. 


If you make these changes and feel better after a day or two, don't go right back to eating raw veggies and nuts. Your system needs some cooling off time before you challenge it again. 

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