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K.Lo's WHOLE.30.journey


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Welcome to my WHOLE.30 log! I decided to keep this log mostly for myself, but also for help, advice, or encouragement from you all when need be!

My Background:

To make what could be a very long story short, the past three years have been a struggle when it comes to my health. As an athlete, I have always felt pressured to look a certain way (well... like a professional athlete). A majority of this pressure has come from myself. After graduating college, I was feeling very uncomfortable in my body due to the extra 15lbs I had put on. That paired with some other personal struggles, lead to the abuse of laxatives as well as what some call EDNOS (eating disorders no otherwise specified). After a year of this abuse I finally realized what damage I was causing. In January 2011, I stopped taking laxatives and recovery began. Trying to shake all of the obsessive habits and thinking that had accompanied my laxative abuse has been the most difficult- HOWEVER, I know it will be the most rewarding :)

Most people believe I am a health nut and perfectly balanced by the what they see on the outside. Truth be told: I still struggle just as much now as I did a year ago- it just manifests itself in different ways. Restoring a truly healthy relationship with food and my body is my priority on my WHOLE.30 journey. Do I want the added bonus of dropping some body fat and looking better in my clothing? Uhm - DUH! Heck yes! But I'm trying not to make that my focus. Respect my body and it will respond the way it was created to.

ANYWAY- Here's the point!!!! I've made it through Day 1 and I'm still alive!! Haha. Below, and on the next 29 posts, you can read my rants about my 30-day journey (and feel free to chime in, too!)

Day 1:

You wouldn't think that staying up until the night before my new endeavor after eating 3 bowls of ice cream is the best way to preface something like this... (dearly noted)- BUT today was good anyway! I tried my hardest to just listen to my hunger cues which really didn't kick in until lunch time.


coffee, black

tuna w/ mustard


carrots cucumber


apple (green)

5 brazil nuts


after work....

ate some left over roast

w/ brazil nuts



post w/o:

a little more roast

prunes (gotta keep things a'movin'!)

1 banana w/ almond butter

Overall, I'd say things looked pretty good for a "Day 1". I should definitely lighten up on the nuts and I do notice that fruit has been spiking my insulin (have been working on cutting back on sugar for a little while now).

Most interesting part of today was that I actually enjoyed my coffee black - OMW!! What has happened to me?!?!?! Haha (apologies if you don't like my humor) (actually I don't apologize- this is MY log *hehe*).

Okay, now I'm really ranting. LONG LONG LONG POST MADE SHORT -->


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I have officially GONE NUTZ. Meaning- I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in nuts today. Hahahaha! Oh well. I'll just have to lay off of them. Anyway, today went a little like this...




(I didn't have any breakfast- see below)


tuna w/ 2 spoonfuls avocado

cucumber (for my tuna)

2c green beans

1 handful mixed nuts (brazil, almonds, cashews,pecans)

coffee, black (somewhere between lunch and dinner)


about 1c nuts (maybe more to be honest!)

what intended to be a little snack turned into being my dinner. . . damn nuts.

P/W- climbed for a couple hours:

1 bite roast

2 prunes

Now, I know that this doesn't look like a lot at all. When I woke up this morning, I honestly was not hungry. By lunch time I was more than ready to eat- but not starving. The only thing I noticed today was very low energy level during the afternoon (hence the 2nd cup of coffee). And even when I got home from climbing I wasn't hungry....strange. I knew this week was going to be quite a transition so I didn't plan on having a high training volume. Just going with how I feel.

Tomorrow, I want to focus on more vegetables!!!

OH! Here's a question. As a general rule of thumb I try to drink at least 2 liters of H2O a day. I try to drink even more if I'm running a lot, etc. What is your take on daily H2O requirements? Drink when thirsty, or is there a minimum you like to try and meet?

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Its amazing how many cravings I am NOT having. Today I practiced some major self control during the afternoon. Wednesdays are usually a slow day and when I hit up the candy drawer + excess amounts of coffee + more sugar at work. Today was smooth sailing....


coffee + 1 T coconut milk + 1t butter (my own version of bulletproof coffee)

*Once again, not hungry this morning...


2 eggs

1-2 c spaghetti squash

~1/4c tomato sauce


1/2 sweet potato

1/2 banana

2 bites leftover hamburger (trying to curb my hunger while my sweet potato cooked- SO HUNGRY)

D/ Post-WO:

2 chicken tenders

salad - romaine, cucumber, tomato, Olive oil, vinager

1/3c pumpkin puree + cinnamon+ vanilla+ butter (--> warm this up = SO GOOD!)

2 prunes


4mi bike ride (to/from gym)

Lift- chest, back, core (30min)

~2 mi walk with mi madre =)

The only thing I have been noticing still is energy level is down.. I got some more sweet potatoes to remedy that on heavy training days. Also, I know my bad sleeping habits play into that as well. Definitely making that a priority. So far I'm feelin' good. Excited to try some new recipes this weekend! Two more days!!

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My oh my....when do your energy levels just EXPLODE?!! Mine are suffering =/ not cool. Again, today went well. I finally woke up hungry!!


3 eggs

2 T avocado

coffee + coconut milk + 1t butter


2c spaghetti squash

2.5 chicken tenders

1/2c sauce

sm. salad (romaine, cuke,tomato, olive oil, vineger)


1/2 sweet potato

1 lg banana

D (will be having later):

2.5 chicken tenders

cooked broccoli + cauliflower

sauce? maybe- depends on how I feel.

I got incredibly hungry before my run! I'm giving myself about 30min for those carbs to kick in.. hopefully they can fuel me!

I'm making this post a little early to ensure I get to bed at a good time!!

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By the way, does anyone have any good remedies for mild constipation?

Ever since I stopped taking laxatives (1 yr, 8 mos) I've noticed that I need a lot of fiber to keep regular. I've usually turned to fiber cereal to top my days off, but can't do that on this program (obviously).

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions?


I'm trying to cut way down on sugar too- so recommendations other than fruit very welcome!!

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Well, today did not got as planned. I started off with coffee as usual and had decent salad at lunch....and then gave into sugar candy and chocolate. I feel really horrible- mentally, physically, emotionally. I want a lean, ripped, athletic body I know I deserve and that reflects all my hard my hard work.... I am going to conquer this. I know I will.

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Best thing to do is start again. Have another day 1. Each time you do this it will get easier and you will add more days to your count. It is hard to break those habits that we have built up over the last couple decades.

Remember it doesn't matter how many times you fall down, it matters how many times you get up! You can to do this!

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My little "sugar episode" today gave me a little insight actually & a lot of diarrhea (TMI? well this whole log is a bit TMI, so get used to it lol). Anyway, I'm excited to get back on track tomorrow =)

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Ok- time to stop pouting and get back at this thing. One of my goals, as I've mentioned, is to look better/weigh less - mostly *look* better. I want to see my abs.. I want to be able to put any piece of clothing on and feel/ look *hot* {just trying to keep it real ;) }

But besides aesthetic goals- here are some other things I'd like to accomplish:

1. Mend my relationship with food / create lifelong, healthy habits: For too long I have been in this power struggle with food. Its so black & white- either I'm too restrictive or having a binge. Neither of which is healthy. And Im so tired of it. I want to feel satisfied after I eat and know that I'm not going to die if I have to wait an hour or two longer before I can eat again. I want to know true satisfaction and self-control. I also want to be able to make the best choices for my body no matter the circumstance. Food = fuel, NOT an emotional crutch or stress reliever.

2. Mend my relationship with my body: I have always been hard on myself. I push myself hard - sometimes too hard. I am very critical of my body and tend to forget all that I can be thankful for. I have completed 3 half marathons. I have been running and rock climbing for years with no serious injuries. I have gotten SO STRONG this past year and have gained a lot of muscle. There have been times when I put crap in my body then punish myself with extra miles or restrictiveness the next day. And then there's the scale... grrrr... those stupid numbers!! How can a 3 digit number be so controlling!! This cycle has to stop. I will never get anywhere if it doesn't. I can't treat my body this way and expect it to reward me.

3. KICK SUGAR!! This one is huge (hence the all caps..). Sugar is has been a really big down fall for me. I don't like the way it makes me feel (or the way my skin breaks out after it) and I certainly don't like feeling like I have to have it.

4. :: Feel Better :: I think that anyone participating in this program can safely say that they, also, just want to feel better. I want to manage stress better, I want to sleep better, I want my skin to look better, I want to recover from workouts better, I want my moods to be even, I want to feel e.n.e.r.g.i.z.e.d. all freakin' day - I WANT TO FEEL BETTER....

And I am going to do it (or at least get a huge jump start!) by completing this WHOLE.30

I deserve it and owe it to myself.

Tomorrow, I will post some "before" pictures and stats. Nooooooot really looking forward to this, but it'll definitely keep me accountable and motivated.

I will spare you anymore rants :P

WHOLE.30 (take 2) begins tomorrow! whhooooohoooooo get stoked!!!!

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I wonder if you should have someone ( a paleo trainer, one of the moderators here, etc...) look over your menu and work out routines and advise?

You are very active, and (to me) some of your meals look a bit light, especially in protein and fats. A little more complexity may make for more satisfying meals as well. Do you have time to cook?

I eat more than you do. And, while I am not sedentary, I am not the athlete you are by any stretch.

Maybe a little more food and a little more recovery time might help you be achieve your goals?

Great goals btw :) .

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Thanks Maeva! I do love to cook actually- I'll just have to get more creative. I also think that the fear of "too many calories" hold me back sometime... but I will definitely try this time around to pack in more protein/fat.

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:) Hey KLO --- I really like your journal !! It's funny bcs I think you started your journal on the same day as me. My name is Kelly and my best friend calls me K-lo. When I first saw your journal listed, I thought it was mine.

I wish you the best of success and look forward to following your journal. I also love to workout and just got into running races. I have a half coming up in Nov!

Where are you located in OH? Have a great day!

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TODAY IS THE DAY!! By the way, if anyone is wondering, my username is K.Lo- a family nickname for Kimberly Lois. I know you guys were losing sleep over that one so I decided just to tell you finally. I can here the sighs of relief already ;)

Here are my

Beginning stats:

Ht: 5'5" (and 3/4 in but who's counting right? lol)

Wt: 136.0

Tummy: 33"

Waist: 30" (these are the only measurements im really concerned about. "tummy" being right around my belly button)

Thigh: 22"

And the lovely photos (don't judge- I just woke up!)

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(how did that pic get there????!!!! hahahahaha just me trying to be funny)


that is too funny!! I am starting my WHOLE.30 again today and hoping GOING to finish it ;) Good luck with your half!!!! (and, as always- have fun with it!!)

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