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A little past halfway log


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I wanted to start a log at day 1 but didn't want to write everything I eat down. So 17 days later I decided I will start a log and share pictures of the food I'm eating. I think this will help if I navigate too far away from whole9 living. I love food, I love shopping and I am loving whole30. This is my second go around on this and I think it was harder in the blending but seems a lot easier now. My husband is doing with me which really helps. My kiddos eat what we eat but are not paleo. They get different breakfast/lunches then us oh and they get ice creme to finish there day.

Day 17 breakfast and lunch


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I usually do fruit. I do lots of veggies with dinner!! Salad, veggie and protein. Breakfast always fruit lunch usually one or the other.


That's fine. The best practice recommendations are to have vegetables at every meal which is why I mentioned it. They are more nutrient dense than fruit. If what you are doing is working for you though that is fine too. :)

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Yesterday I felt great! Man I love this second time around way better then the first. Firsr whole30 I dint think I did it right. I snacked too much on compliant snacks but I relied on them. Lara bars were a staple and dried fruit was every night while I watch tv. This time I'm eating every 4-5 hours, 3 times a day and that's it!! I'm not starving ever, I don't always finish all my meals but at 3rd meal (dinner) I usually have seconds of the veggies and salad. My husband (Pete) makes the best Salad!! I wish he we owned a salad shop!! He makes a homemade vinaigrette that is amazeballs!! Its a non lettuce salad, it has onions, basil,cucumbers, & heirloom tomatoes (if they are in season). I love it.

Yesterday was a yummy eating day with great leftovers from the night before!!

Breakfast- 2 fried eggs with ghee, salt & pepper, grapefruit, sliced avacado, and homemade salsa. salsa recipe coutesy of nom nom paleo - http://nomnompaleo.com/post/14760457397/paleo-eats-12-24-11


Lunch - nom nom paleo's kalua pork topped with coleslaw (shredded cabbage with Tessemaes southwest ranch) some wholey guacamole and homemade salsa.




And Dinner - pork chops, salad, and rainbow carrots. Mmmmm


Another yummy eating day!!

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Bethany - Yes I went to grit and boot camp this week. My workouts are going great too!


I might come try the grit/boot camp combo next Friday. We'll see how I feel after my teaching schedule. I've never done grit before so I think it is high time I tried it.

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Well I finished a whole 30 and I am pretty pumped. At times I didn't think I could do it but I'm glad I pulled through. I only had one bad episode of binge eating, day 29. I wanted to dive into a carton of icecream. I wanted to emotionally eat and I was trying to talk myself into it since it was day 29. I mean I'm almost done. I didn't dive into the icecream but I did binge eat 3 Lara bars. I had only had 1 Lara bar the entire 29 days and then I didn't have the strength to not eat Lara bar after Lara bar after Lara bar. I was disappointed with myself the next morning but tried not to get too down. I had made it 29 days without binge eating, not snacking and eating 3 square meals a day. And that to me is a huge accomplishment.

I started this journey to lose weight but quickly found that the weight loss was not the best thing about whole30. I found that my energy level and happiness were even more important then the weight loss. My kids noticed it too. I played with them way more and I enjoyed it:). I also realized that I can have fun in social occasions without drinking and eating chips and sweets. There is plenty I can bring to the table that myself and everyone else can enjoy. I also noticed that I don't need to drink just because everyone else is. I went to a BBQ on Vashon a Island for Memorial Day weekend. We got there at noon and everyone was already drinking. I didn't crave a beer or a drink or any of the non whole30 snacks that were out. I actually didn't want a drink until about 4:00pm. So it made me realize that sometimes I'm drinking only because everyone else is. And don't have a drink until you really want a drink and when you do have that drink enjoy it and savor it.

I feel very empowered after this whole30. I know I can keep this up as a lifestyle, and when I second guess myself, when I do fall into that icecream carton I can always look back and see how I felt at the end of my journey.

May 5th weight 182

June 4th weight 164

Goal weight 150


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