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Discovery about low/watery milk supply

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Hey ladies,


I just wanted to share my discovery as I have been reading quite some reactions about not enough milk or always hungry little ones (not enough fat in milk)


Last week I have been reading some new information on good quality proteins (I'm still a beginner in the whole30-world, so I've got plenty to read ;) ) I learned that right after grass-fed ruminant meat, wild caught fish is second best choice. That made me very happy, as I've been struggling with finding good quality grass-fed meat, but environment-friendly, wild fish is something I can buy in the supermarket frozen or canned without any extra downsides or additives and headaches from budget issues. Frozen salmon was even on sale, so I stocked up on that and some canned sardines.


I was so happy that I added them to my daily menu immediately! The sudden increase of fish protein made me quite sick for 2 days (so if you do this, ease yourself into it I suggest) and even though I barely slept for 2 nights and had terrible diarrhea, my milk supply got a huge boost! My baby seemed happier with nursing less often and he slept better too. I tried eating more starchy veggies before and adding more fat into my meals, but there are only so many sweet potatoes, olive oil or olives I can stomach every day.


Since I realized that I had to take it easy with fish in the beginning, my little one is nursing more often again. Now I'm slowly building in the fish, so that over a couple of weeks I can have one fish-meal per day.


I'm just so happy and surprised by this finding, I wanted to share with you all!  :D I'm learning so much about myself, I'm still amazed! (on day 28 btw and not planning to go back to my old ways! Woot woot :D )

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