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Hi All!


Well day 30 came and went yesterday and today is day 31!!!


For those who want quick stats on the success of my own Whole30....


Weight Loss: 12lbs

Waist loss in inches: 2

Hips loss in inches: 2

Number of migraines in the past 30 days: 1 (on day 3)


I am totally in love with Whole30. The first 3 weeks (yes 3) were HARD. Tough Love. Tiring. Draining. Exhausting.....But the past 5-6 days have been fantastic! I have been so full of energy, have almost completely forgot that I was on a Whole30 until I was thrown into situations where those around me offered me food or questioned my choices.


I found once I got into the swing of it, meal planning and making sure I was being compliant were just as simple and straight forward as brushing my teeth twice a day. I am so appreciative of the lessons I have learned on whole30. It wasn't until the very last days that I came to appreciate these though. Throughout most of my whole30 I just kept thinking "Yeah I can feel I'm loosing weight and maaayyybbeee feeling a bit better but I am for sure just gonna eat a huge chocolate bar on day 31". But now I am ready to make some serious comitments. I feel like I want to try and stay whole30 compliant as often as I can. I'm going to allow myself the occassional off plan item but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I like paleo baking and will do it when I feel like it, and I am a social bunny so will divulge in that as often as I feel it is worth it.


I didn't come into whole30 with any dietary restrictions apart from that fact that large intakes of dairy really hit off my Aura Migraines. I am overweight (in a scale and non-scale kind of way...I jiggle a bit!) and have a little way to go yet to reaching what I think will be my optimum health, but not weighing myself has been liberating. I know if I continue my whle30 lifestyle I will only get healthier and reach what is optimum for myself. I also know that I need to increase my fitness to get there. I only attended Zumba once a week whilst on whole30 because I felt so tired and drained, so I'd like to intensify my workouts and try HIIT.


Writing my success story, I finally realise why others write so much too. I just want to shout about how great Whole30 is, and rave about my results and my happiness after completing a whole 30 days of healthy, nutritous, good-for-you eating!


I wish everyone the best of luck, and even if your reading this on day 23 (like I was doing) and thinking....this is not going to happen to me...it will, you will get there and it will feel awesome!



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Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that you experienced some exhaustion too. I thought it was just me.  :-)  I'm on day 11 now. I have pretty good energy in the morning but by the afternoon and evening I'm pretty spent. I've been eating a banana in the afternoons to help give me a little energy boost (and avoid thoughts of the snack machine).

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