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Dried fruits?

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Hi everyone!


Finished round 1 of Whole 30 and going for round 2 I liked it so much.   :)


Question about dried fruits. I've tried to find some that just have the fruit in them but some have sorbic (sp?) acid which I'm assuming is a preservative. Where can I find dry fruits that are Whole 30 compliant? I love the mangos in the Primal Pacs! Just wish I could find the mangos themselves. LOL 

And I have a new love for craisins but don't know how compliant those were prior to Whole 30. LOL


Any suggestions? 





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Haren- Thanks! I was thinking more of dried cranberries then craisins. LOL

Maybe I'm subconsciously craving craisins. LOL


WholeSarah- We just got a Trader Joe's in Burlington (first and only in Vermont!!!!). Any suggestions on one brand over another?

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