Canned grilled sardines


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I came across some nice looking sardines in the supermarket.


The packaging says: "grilled sardines, no water added" and the ingredient list: sardines (99%), salt


Someone any idea if this is something I could have? Or are there any nasty little secrets I should be aware of? 

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Great, thank you! I also prefer olive oil, but they only had these or the ones in different sauces (and those have some bad stuff).

I have both of the well fed books since yesterday :D didn't have the time to go through them properly, but it's weekend, so new recipes here I come!

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oooooohhhh have fun! Her cookbooks are my favorite EVER! I think I must have the same taste buds as Mellissa Joulwan!

My favorites are

Italian Pork Roast p.132 of WF2. It's a staple in my house. (my kids love it!)

Meatza Pie p.77 of WF

Pad Thai p.63 of WF

Scotch Eggs p. 83 of WF

Her method of Cauliflower Mash in WF2 is the best I've ever had.

I could go on and on and on.........

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I think my husband and I are going to be fans too. I started my whole 30 with her chocolate chili recipe, but didn't make anything else from the blog. (i tried lots of different blogs, but mainly improvised)

I made some spice blends yesterday and than the kale recipe. Wow! I want to make everything from the books, it all looks amazing! :D I'm very happy with them.

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