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My first Whole30 - I'm doing it


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Captains log... It's the beginning of day 4 and I think I can do this, at least for now. I feel so much better already (placebo effect?) Anyways, my partner is almost all the way there, he just can't seem to give up beer, but that will come. My 16 year old said that he really doesn't notice much difference other than more spinachy stuff in everything, and my partners 7 year old carb LOVING daughter, who we have every other weekend, didn't ask for toast with her eggs this morning!! (That is a milestone!!)  We are not making the kids go full paleo, but teaching the importance of nutrition vs immediate gratification, but yes, they will still get to have treats and I think that is A-OK.


I have yet to go to a party or a bar - that will be the real game changer. But, I will make a "sparkling" drink, just to feel like i fit in.  I know, peer pressure, even at 35, is a real bitch!


I think the main thing that has helped me even get to day 4 is flavor.  I told myself that I would not be eating boiled chicken and carrot sticks, blah, and that I would not be blasting my lifestyle change to everyone I know, (just to you lucky ones who are doing this too)  I don't even like to hear my coworkers talk about how they cant have this or that on their " new" diet of the week.  So, back to flavor. Fortunately the weather has been nice, so lots of grilling going on- chicken, beef, veggies;  lamb curry with cauliflower rice (who knew!). My veggies should be ready to start picking soon, and that will help on the veggie bill! We always make more than needed and are packing a weeks worth of lunches all in one go. It's way to easy to eat right ( even if it's more effort). 


I am feeling a bit tired, but I'm not SLEEPY like I was before. We use to have dinner and all go watch a movie or play games and I would snooze out, but now, after realizing that maybe I need more protein, I feel GOOD after eating dinner. I even mowed the lawn without complaining last night!  

I did have some really out of control dreams about ants eating everything in my house last night, so that was fun!


So, while I may be on day 4 of euphoria, and I do expect the tears and irrational thoughts to haunt me into the carby goodness, I wont do it. I cant do it. I need to live a long and healthy life for my kids and for me!!  I want to go on vacation and not feel " fat" ( that reminds me, I have to start working out, and now that i'm less exhausted I kind of want to!) 


Anyways, that is the beginning of my Day 4. I will look back on this at Day 10 and most likely laugh at myself, when I'm hating life and all it's sweet goodness. But for now, I will take this Day 4 and enjoy it!!

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Captains log, Day 7.  Day 6 sucked.  I ate just fine but I felt as thought I was hit by a truck anytime I tried to work in the yard. 5 min in and all I could do was sit back down.  (look up what the days bring again) Ah yes, good ol day 6 and 7 - Tiredness.  The good thing about Day 6/7 is that they fall on a 4 day weekend for me, so I can be a tired slug and thats ok!

Day 6 also brought strange olfactory sensations - I smelled baking chocolate chip cookies!!!!  Of all the things, that scent is one of the more hypnotic- It was nearly maddening - I drank water and watched Kill Bill, chanted silently to myself - this too shall pass, which of course in my head turned  into Gandalf cheering me on THIS  TOOOO SHAAAAALLLLL PAAAASSSSS, but instead of a fiery demon, it was cookies, wow, thats dorky. 


I also want mayo- all the mayo. Choppped veggie salad with mayo, yep, chicken salad with mayo, yep, the list could go on and on but I wont let it. Dont eat the mayo!!  At least not all the time!!


Day 7 - Having black coffee, getting a little tired a coconut milk, and chicken too. I think I'm also getting a bit grouchy. I can do this. Today will mark a whole week of daily, grain, sugar, processed crap, and what ever else it, FREE!!  3 more to go. I can do this


I have found it helpful to say to myself - what can I have?  All of this!!  Instead of focusing on what I cant have- I cant have this and this.... Nope I will save that for Day 10/11!!


Have a great Memorial Day - I am going to make burgers, with Mayo! with lettuce buns!



Need to write these breakfasts down, they were so good!

Day 5 breakfast:


Homemade pork meatballs, sautéed spinach, mushrooms, peppers, 3 poached eggs


Day 6 breakfast:


Lots of wilted spinach with sautéed garlic and fresh herbs. Top with 3 poached eggs. Sprinkle with some compliant lox/smoked salmon slivers, top with ½ avocado and pepper.  

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Captains log.... Day 12. I have eaten more spinach and power greens in the last 11 days than I have in my whole 35 years of life!! I guess I feel pretty good about that.


Side note - I needed something sweet, so I made " Chocolate Covered Dates", my own recipe because all the ones I found had honey. sugar, flour, ect..... They turned out awesome!!! Although they do melt quickly from the frozen status, it was worth it! Sweet potato casserole was awesome and a nice change from chicken, again. Creative with food, my new mantra!

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Congratulations for making it to day 12. I have some notes about your chocolate covered dates. First off they are "sex with your pants on food" and you really should avoid this for the rest of your whole30. Dates are sugar bombs and are definitely feeding your sugar dragon. I am wondering what kind of chocolate you used? Most chocolate has soy and dairy in it. I noticed that you said you used your own recipe so hopefully your chocolate doesn't have any of these nasty ingredients. If it does, technically you should restart your whole30. Hopefully that is not the case. Good luck!

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I made my own using 100% cocoa powder, coconut milk and coconut oil, no worries there. I really don't even like chocolate except once a month - I'm more of a carb and cheese dragon kind of girl! :), plus I took most of them to work so they wouldn't be in the house! And to be honest, the dates were a little too sweet, so not a food that I will eat again any time soon. 


Today marks day 15 - no turning back now!  

Breakfast: Portobello mushroom stuffed with wilted power greens, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and topped with eggs. 


Lunch will be a spinach salad with mixed veggies, tuna or chicken, homemade dressing and some almond slivers on top. Would have been salt and pepper cashews but I burnt them :(


Dinner will be brussel sprouts, power green salad and (splurge) steak on the bbq


Heres to the last half! But there is no real reason to stop eating like this all the time....

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Day 17 - What is really killing me is that my son is making a cake and candy diorama for school, ugg. But, it's been really fun to help him make it! It's been tough to not just stuff my face with all the crap that is piled all over the table, but tomorrow it will be all gone! My boyfriend said to think of it like drinking - hes not drinking so i'm not eating - i guess that works!  Plus, I really dont want to start over and I really dont want to gorge on Dollar Store candy.

Green, greens and more greens I am starting to feel like alI i eat is damn greens!! breath....

On a positive note, my pms was was less pmsie  than usual (im sure my family is delighted!)


Chicken thighs and home grown salad for dinner - at least its NOT powergreens tonight :) 

Gotta go chop!

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