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So 3 weeks ago I completed my very 1st Whole30 experience. It was amazing! I literally breezed through the program with a few very minor hiccups as far as feeling the "hangover" or slaying the sugar dragon, etc. I stuck to it religiously and even inspired coworkers and family members to join me on my path to wellness.

I dropped 15 lbs in my 30 days and my clothes were beginning to fit better and as a firefighter, I had ever increasing amounts of energy. I felt amazing!

I had a whole plan set out for when I reached my 30th day and I knew in my mind how I was going to re-enter the real world so to speak. I was going to remain paleo and knew that I never wanted to feel the way I had before I started the Whole30.

Now, let's bring it on back to the real world.

None of which I had planned afterwards has happened.

I have completely gone out of control, worse than I was before I started the Whole30!! I have been eating a ton of fast food, drinking SODA????!! (GASP!!!) going out with friends constantly for happy hour where I find myself over indulging on everything and anything from cheesy artichoke dip and chips to fried tidbits of... stuff. Oh and the alcohol? Don't even go there. I have developed a new, closer relationship with red wine. And vodka. And BEER!! (Another GASP!)

I feel horrible. Not just physically but mentally. I have occasional bouts of depression, nothing I would really call abnormal but it does happen. During my 1st Whole30, I felt such mental clarity and focus, I realized when my whole30 was complete that my depression had lifted. I wasn't spending 2 entire days on the couch with the blinds closed watching TV, doing absolutely nothing. I had energy. I felt full of life and I had the drive to get things done. To MAKE things happen and to progress.  

Now that I have just completely derailed, I feel heavy again. I feel bloated (hence the "not so light as a feather!) I really do. I feel slow and lethargic and HEAVY! I can't even begin to describe the intestinal mess my stomach has returned to. Absolutely uncomfortable!!

Last night as I was sitting on the couch eating leftover bbq chicken and BOXED parmesan angel hair pasta, I was thinking how tired I was from one, ONE intense fire call I had run earlier in the day, (one damn call and I was spent! How reliable of a firefighter am I being??)  I realized I am slowly (but surely) driving my health and well being into the ground and I had to put a stop to it right then and there.


I immediately got up, I purged my cupboards and fridge once again and bagged the few unapproved items I had gathered over the past few weeks and got them ready to bring to work today. I got onto the Whole30 website and made a new grocery list and went right to the store and stocked up for my 1st week back into the program.

Although I am only 9hrs40mins into Day 1, I already feel like I'm back in control. It's such a darn mental game! Without the structure I was failing miserably. With this structure, I feel completely in control and I have super high hopes for the next 29 days that follow... and maybe more. I KNOW for a fact that I do NOT want to feel the way I felt over the last few weeks EVER AGAIN!! I have never meant it more. Maybe I was just testing myself? I knew I wanted to do a 2nd Whole30, I just didn't know when I wanted to start. Well my friends, turns out today is the day!
It is a tried and true fact that what we put into our bodies DIRECTLY effects the way we feel, not that this is anything new to anyone, but I mean, what more proof do I need? What more does my body need to tell me?

I mean get a grip Jen!!!

Although the In N Out Double Doubles and the BBQ chicken and massive amounts of pasta were quite delicious, it just isn't worth the mental and physical pain that follows...

I am in a much happier place now.

OK.. venting complete!!

Thank you for reading!!

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Good for you!


I went off road for 3 days after my reintros and while I only ate a couple off plan things the massive hangover it caused sent me straight back into compliant eating. Nothing tastes good enough to feel like crap for an entire day!

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I had a similar experience when I finished my 2nd W30 this weekend (my first was over a year ago)- I felt so lovely and light and energetic and celebrated a successful month with my husband by having a moderately hedonistic couple of days of tasting things we had missed. I felt almost immediately heavy and bloated and just wrong... and gained back half of the 8kg I'd lost during the month. And that was just one weekend of not eating a lot, just eating bread, cheese, a bit of cake, milky tea, some wine...Argh. I felt like I had undone all the good I'd brought about. I'm back on track today but kicking myself for screwing up over the weekend. 

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