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Day 17! Started on May 7th

Camille P.

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A friend told me about the book It Starts with Food and I got it and jumped in! I was drawn to it because of wanting to get a handle on my moods and hopeful to help with chronic tendonitis in my heel as well as shoulder pain thats been hangin on. And, as a side note to lose some stubborn weight. I'm feeling so much better than before. I'm way less foggy-headed and feel so much better in my body. I see this as a long term lifestyle change. I'm tired of being ruled by food and I can see how much food affects my mood. I was made for more than giving into sugar cravings and going on a guilt-cycle and having mood crashes! I feel like I'm stepping into freedom to live a fuller more abundant life. Going well. Definitely spending a lot of time in the kitchen, but I'm experimenting with a lot of new recipes and feeling good about all the changes. Getting ready to dig into some of the recipe resources to look for a new way to marinate my steaks. Excited for this new change in my life. It will be fantastic if it helps with tendonitis as well. Haven't noticed much on that forefront yet, but hopeful. I've noticed a lot of positive changes with my mood...and my waistline!

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