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Starting at 36 weeks pregnant


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I am almost 36 weeks pregnant with my sixth child. I conceived during my first Whole30 and have tried to start up two new Whole30s during this pregnancy but haven't been able to stick with it. First I let in something like a little dairy or maybe a paleo treat or chocolate and then I find myself slipping into...whatever. 


However, like four out of my previous five pregnancies, I'm trying to keep gestational diabetes under control. I have managed to avoid needing medication thus far in those and in this pregnancy. What I hadn't heard before is that the body gets more and more sensitive as the pregnancy progresses. Also, this baby is measuring bigger...so I need to get more strict in these last weeks. 


One of the biggest hurdles I've been facing is keeping up with my kids and our homeschooling and adding something like a strict diet has just felt too overwhelming. But we're finishing the school year and various activities, so I'll be home more and can hopefully cook and plan better. 


My pregnancy probably won't last 30 more days but I do like the idea of eating very clean before baby arrives and thus also having a better chance of continuing to eat well postpartum, which is usually when I fall apart. I've been freezing lots of paleo dinners, which should help, though I know people will be bringing non-paleo meals; not too much I can do about that without being jerky. 


Anyway, I'm not feeling super psyched about undertaking another Whole30 but I do feel like it's the best choice. Hopefully the habit will kick in pretty quickly and I'll just keep on keeping on. I've got the next few days planned out and so I'm ready to go. 

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Hope those last few weeks went ok for you! I also conceived during a whole30, last summer. My daughter (1st baby) arrived May 7. I am just now thinking about doing another one. How are you doing post-partum (busy I assume!!!)? I have relied on dairy pretty heavily throughout pregnancy and now. I'm almost ready to commit... 

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