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Day 30 - SUCCESS!


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It's Day 30 and boy has my life changed! Here is a list of changes I've noticed:

  • my energy levels are more "even" (no large swings in either direction)
  • I never feel tired or bloated after I eat
  • I'm excited about what I prepare, cook & eat and I'm really enjoying cooking at home
  • all of my pants are too big and I had to go shopping for smaller sizes this weekend
  • my monthly cycle has barely been noticeable compared to previous months of pain from the depths of hell (not kidding)
  • my emotions are more in check, no mood swings!
  • while I have had a few food cravings in the last week, they have been very few & far between and not nearly as strong as they would have been 30 days ago
  • my self confidence is through the roof! I feel great about how I look, perform and eat. I even feel like my head is clearer and my short-term memory is better!
  • my relationship with husband is even better! He's done this W30 with me and echos how I'm feeling about the changes and wants to do another whole30 in 10 days when we return from our travels! We cook more together now than ever before (after 13 years together, this is HUGE!)
  • I'm starting to actually LIKE vegetables! I have some progress to make on this one, but I feel as though I've come a long way already.

I owe a lot of our success to this forum, the paleo/whole30 online community, and Dallas & Melissa and their wonderful book! I also know that what made this as easy as it was is having both my husband's support and the support of a co-worker that did it with me.


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Congratulations on completing your Whole30 and sounds like you had awesome success :-)

My boyfriend and I are starting this soon, probably on Sunday but Monday at the latest... I'm rather stunned that he's going to do it as he really really likes his red wine ;-)

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Today we started our second Whole30! I don't expect the same mind-blowing success as the first round, but I look forward to feeling my best again and sleeping better. We were on vacation for a week and while we stayed pretty close to Whole30/Paleo eating, we off-roaded enough to know that we wanted to feel great again!

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Well, it's Day 31 (again)! This time, we weren't as strictly compliant as we were the first time around. We had a few alcoholic beverages, used some ranch dressing while out to eat (maybe twice?), and possibly had food that was cooked in a questionable fat source while out to eat (again, maybe twice). We both feel really good and I lost 3.5% of my body weight and he lost 4.5%.

This way of eating is becoming habit. I have now successfully avoided the chips basket at a table in a restaurant (even when everyone else at my table is eating them) THREE times! Three times, I've been successful! Husband would like to continue this way of eating "forever", but with occasional paleo treats and beer. Ha ha! I think we'll stay on this less strict Whole30 until January 1st and then do another "real" Whole30. I may even try to give up caffeine (or at least coffee) in January!

My next goals are to work on my sleep habits and start lifting heavy stuff.

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