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How Do We Retest?


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First timer here :)

The short of it:

-first W30

- specific goal to sort husband's hay fever and asthma out

- day 1 re-intro was dairy

- day 4 re-intro - gluten

- day 5 - massive hay fever episode.

We want to re-test both dairy and gluten but with more days in between to try and get a more accurate picture of how it effects him. How do we do this? Get back to squeaky-clean W30 for how long before we re-intro dairy again? Shld we have 2 days of dairy to see what it does? How long after dairy until we shld try gluten?

TIA :)

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Was there any sugar mixed in there? I was sugar-free from January until mid-April. This was the first time in over 30 years that I hadn't needed any allergy meds...the very next morning after I ate a bunch of candy, my nose was clogged up and I've had to stay on my normal allergy pills ever since. I am 100% sure my hay fever came back due to the [admittedly large amount of] sugar, and my naturopath agrees.

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