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Lettuce Wraps: with Asian influenced filling


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Hello All-


Hungry me came up with a recipe yesterday:



Lettuce Wraps:



1.4 c aminos

2-4 tbsp garlic ( I used 3 cloves)

2-4 tbsp of ginger

â…“ c of toasted almonds 


Combine in blender or food processor, until smooth. I then added some water because it was more like paste than sauce.


1-2 cooked chicken breast

1.5 c coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage I threw the dressing away)

2 tbsp ( or as needed) coconut oil

1 head of Iceberg or Butter Lettuce


Add the cabbage to a pan on medium with the coconut oil it in, meanwhile cut the chicken into bite sized amounts. Once the cabbage is sizzling and looking a little wilted, add sauce and chicken. Stir for a few minutes then remove from heat. It may need a little salt and pepper to taste.


For lettuce wraps I cut the head in half, core it (take out the stem), and rinse it.  Then I place it, cut side down in a towel or paper towel. Gently peel the top of and fill it full of the filling (I usually put it in a container on the table).  

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