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Starting May 31st


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I will be starting whole 30 on May 31st. (After pay day so I can buy food :P) It's depressing that I'm looking in my fridge and the only real things I see are a head of broccoli, cauliflower and a melon. The rest is just food-like product. :(


I have understood for quite a while the absolute importance of eating a healthy diet which includes only food... But the temptation, the ease of access to and the low-cost of junk has led me astray.


I have the summer off of work so being at home will allow me to take time to try new recipes and allow me to be able to get to my local farmer's market... so I feel like this is a good time to get started with the positive choices. (I have also started a large organic garden with my mother. So excited to see my food babies grow and grow!)


I have only one friend who understands the point of only eating food, but she lives in newfoundland now so I don't really have a buddy to help me out, but I hope that the wonderful power of the internet can give me a helping hand! :)


I am very excited to move from ingesting food-like products to only food. I hope that it will help with my severe pain during my periods, heart burn, migrains, scary mood swings, horrible dental issues and odd pains that I normally experience throughout my body. (I would also like my old body back but health is quite a bit more important than looking hot haha... that would just be a bonus!)


So there's my intro! :D

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I'm starting on the 31st too. I'm not really worried about the meal planning. We already meal plan in our family, so this is just an adjustment. Mostly I'm worried about snacking, I'm addicted to dairy and sugar!


I am grateful that coffee is on the yes list. :)

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