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Starting today, 27th of May


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So here goes!  I've been eating Paleo-inspired for a few months now (that means basically paleo but not particularly strictly) and I'm feeling good and loving the food I eat.


But now it's time to kick things up a gear and commit to doing this proper-like for a month.


Got a fridge/freezer full of meat and veg, and am excited to see how it goes.


My only worry is that I am far from an accomplished cook, and my standard fare of cooking is simply 


* Cook some meat, put on a plate

* Assemble other vegetables onto plate, normally the uncooked kind (spinach, tomato, cucumber, mushrooms etc)

* Add eggs

* Eat


Now, this might sound amazing (and to be honest, it really is), but I'm worried it's either going to get super boring after a week, or I'll struggle to use the more "exotic" veg I've got in my house.


My girlfriend got me a copy of "Well Fed" for christmas, but being a nervous and sucky cook, I haven't really touched it.  I'd like to break it out this month for sure.


Anyone else own it and have any good suggestions for a rookie?


Any suggestions in general? :)


Thanks for stopping by!

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Welcome to Whole30! Your method of cooking is just fine but if you want to learn to cook (and everyone should I think) Well Fed is a really great place to start. I would start with her hot plates and salads and maybe pick one more complicated recipe to attempt each week. Her general cooking method isn't that far off from what you are doing already. 


As far as other suggestions - print out the template and hang it on your fridge and make every meal comply. Start a log in the Your Whole30 Log section and post your food to get feedback. 

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I consider myself a good cook and taught myself most of what I know. Being a good cook is more attitude than technique. Decide that experimenting is good and failure is acceptable and you will make progress. 


Over the years, I have been able to eat most of my experiments. I have had to throw away stuff that went wrong only a few times. Now that meant I ate some stuff that not everyone would, but really, most experiments in my experience turn out acceptable. 


I have learned plenty from the Well Fed cookbooks, but my basic recipes are simple. You might want to look through them to see if you would be comfortable following some of them. They do reflect the work of a man who is too impatient to spend a lot of time on fancy stuff, but I do like my food to taste good.

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