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Nearly 1/2 way through - no noticable difference yet..

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Hi everyone.. 1st post and also my 1st whole 3-. 


I currently nearly ½ way through and have a couple of questions;


A bit of background information, I'm 36, a father of two and an Architect in Northern Ireland (UK).  I have been diagnosed with fibro myalgia 4-5 years ago and have had morning muscle pain since this time.  I still fully function daily and it's more of a nuisance getting me down than debilitating problem.  Each morning when I wake up I'm sore from top to toe.


To be honest the whole wasn't a massive jump for our family, we were already dairy and gluten free, so we only really needed to cut down grains and


I'm doing the auto-immune version so no eggs, nightshades or nuts, this makes it all a bit harder, but never the less..


I'm currently on day 13 of the whole 30 auto immune and all going fine apart from a couple of questions below (in bold)


Should I be snacking?  I think it's a work thing, when I'm in work sitting at my desk I'm always wanting to eat something.


Food diary looks like this;


Breakfast – grapefruit and chicken breast or tuna salad


10.30am – carrots and celery


Lunch – homemade soup (bone broth) and protein (chicken, tuna, bacon), apple


3.30pm - pear


Dinner – salmon and veg (broccoli, peas with sweet potato or turnip mash) or chicken or some other protein and veg


Am I eating too much fruit? – pink grapefruit, apple & pear


Should I be noticing a difference by day 13?


Thanks in advance



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Hi Adam -


Here's a few thoughts:


It's only day 13 so it's very likely you won't be noticing a difference (in fact, I usually experience a flare up of symptoms at the halfway point). And since you are working towards mitigating symptoms from fibromyalgia - it may take you longer than 30 days to start feeling a real difference. I'll let others weigh in more on this.


Fruit is delicious - and it's that time of year when a lot of people tend to eat more fruit. That said, are you eating plenty of fat at each meal? Can you give us a sense of the amount of fat you're eating? Upping your fat intake may help you feel more satiated between meals.


2 little sidenotes - how about some cooked veggies at breakfast? And you should ditch the peas as these are technically a legume (unless by "peas" you meant snow peas or sugar snap peas - then you're a-okay).



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Hi There Adam!


Welcome aboard!


Have you checked out the Whole 30 meal template - utilmately your meals look very short on the fat and veggie portion.  You can find the meal template here:  http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf  Techinically you should not have more than 2 servings of fruit a day and you should have a minimum of a cup and half of veggies with every meal.  This can be hard in the begining - I know.


Ideally snacking is not ideal and discouraged if it part of a habbit.  Snacking is allowed if you are genuinely hungry (You know - hungry enough to eat plain steamed fish and broccoli) not as something to do because - you always have a snack at 3pm (or whatever)  Any snacks should resemble a mini meal - so they should include a protein, a veg, and a fat.


Your meals should fill you up for 4 - 5 hours.  If they don't then you are probably not eating enough.

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Snacking is an indication you are not eating enough at your main meals. If you follow the template, I can virtually assure you: you will not need to snack. Your meals will carry you 4-5 hours till your next meal. Definitely eat more veggies (there were no veggies in your lunch, and I can't tell if there were any in the salad you had for breakfast). Let the veggies push off the fruits in your diet. Do drop the peas; they are not compliant and contain irritants that may impede the healing of your gut. 


I think these tweaks will help make a big difference for the second half of your Whole30. Please do let us know how things are going in a week or so.


Good luck the rest of the way!

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Thanks for the input.. A salad usually has plenty of olives and avocado with it.. Salad is also lettuce, cucumber, carrot and then a protein - chicken or tuna.. 


Will up the veggies in the morning.. 


I think the snacking is a work related thing.. I don't tend to do it at the weekends.. I will keep you updated..

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