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Well, I've made it to day 7. I've had ups and downs feeling cranky, feeling better, sleeping well, sleeping not well. Overall my digestion has been a lot better. I'm still not sleeping great but it's also gotten really hot here which may be the culprit and my face is totally breaking out. I've been on track except for this weekend and I feel like starting over completely would be really discouraging but I don't know if I should, or if I should just go for a Whole40 or 45 to kind of "make up" for those missteps. It was memorial day weekend in Wisconsin so I ate some brats but I didn't know they had sugar in them until after. (It was on two separate days). Is that worth starting over or  should I keep trucking? I've got some group events coming up that I will really have to watch what I eat and I'm at a point where I'm okay with that and I can say no to dairy and sugar but I'm concerned if I start over I will feel like giving up. Any suggestions? 

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