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Really noticing the effect my cycle has on me post-Whole30


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I'm on day 24 of my first Whole30. This is my second similar "diet" reconstruction in the past year, so I wasn't super unhealthy going in, only unhealthy enough to notice that the Whole30 has changed my life. Anyway, I've noticed monthly cycle related symptoms so much more this month. First, a strong nesting instinct...rearranged my closet, threw out all grain or grain-like substances in my home, made two batches of broth, etc. Then, an energy lull like I haven't had since starting the program. No biggie, just a lull. Also, three nights of waking every 2 hrs or so during sleep. I am sure these are my normal symptoms, but I'd been masking them in the past. Anyone else experience this?

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Totally. I'm on the pill, so I wouldn't think this would affect me so much, but it has. I had a bizarrely emotional/hormonal weekend (mid cycle) and then started my period on Sunday. It was like every symptom that I have ever had came on in full. Not typical for me at all.

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I quit birth control pills almost 9 months ago, and can fully admit that on the pill I could be a total t-word during PMS (my fiance will agree). I still have my moments in the days approaching my period, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was. I'm so glad to be off of the pill...I was starting to feel a little unstable, and taking them often made me nauseous. January was my first foray into paleo, and I haven't looked back. Monthly migraines, which I had struggled with for years are finally gone! I wish I had quit them a long time ago.

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I had ALWAYS had issues after I got to college and started exercising. I was never too skinny to have a low body weight issue with my cycle but nevertheless I didn't have a correct cycle for 5 or 6 years. Doctors told me it was normal for some women to just, "not have a period for years at a time".

After college my weight went up and down and it never helped my cycle. Then about four or five months ago I really started increased my fat intake, my weight didn't move much but my cycle has finally gotten back to where it was when I was a young girl! It's oddly exciting to have some light cramps, and to feel and notice the changes in my body through the month.

I really feel the focus on whole food has healed this part of my body. If there ever was something wrong, it has truly been made right by eating right.

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