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Day 2 done : )


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I just wanted to introduce myself and say I have completed day 2 (which doesn't sound that impressive compared to some of the other posts well into double or triple figures).


So far the food side is going well, how can you not enjoy all the fresh veg, meat and some fruit! I have had headaches (surprised as I wasn't a very unhealthy eater before) but I am struggling with not weighing myself. I literally have put my foot on casually as walking past lol as if I can tell from the weight of my toes how heavy my whole body is  :D  didn't realise my daily weighing session meant so much to me.


One question I have is do I really need the whole 30 book? I have the 'it starts with food' and have read that but am I missing out from anything in the whole 30 or is it the same stuff?


Also assume it is fine to have green juice for breakfast or during the day? or is that classed as making food look like your previous treats? I would seriously miss it if its not allowed.


My hopes for what I will gain from this whole 30 is:


to stop or greatly reduce my snacking habits

to stop eating out of boredom (ever sat doing homework with multiple young kids day after day...the fridge becomes a huge distraction)

to stop having secret binges (I can binge eat on anything even broccoli)

to get a better view on for i.e. a cake is not a treat but a pun net of fresh strawberries is

to lose around 10lb

to have softer skin as mine is so dry


fingers crossed I would be happy if half of it came true!


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I am only on Day 9, so not that experienced.  If you have the book, It Starts With Food, and have read it and understood it, then you are good to go.  You might want to go here, http://whole30.com/, and look at the starting option as I think those give you more info and links to help. You've found the forum, so lots of support available here as well.


Also, green juices and smoothies not allowed.  The idea is whole food at every meal following the template provided in the book and here.  Hide or give away the scale if you are going to be tempted at all.  Weighing yourself often is not supportive to your whole30 journey, thus why it's also not allowed.


You got some great reasons for doing a whole30!  Good luck and enjoy it! 

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The reason we advise not drinking green juice or smoothies is that liquid food digests faster than whole foods that you chew. Therefore, the same calories keep you satisfied a shorter period. Basically smoothies are okay for people who want to gain weight, but a bad idea for those who want to lose weight. Also, during a Whole30, we want you to develop good habits of eating three meals per day without the need of snacking. You can't include liquid food in such a plan very successfully. So, follow the meal template guidelines - http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf - and create meals that need to be chewed. 

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argh Im devastated at putting my juicer away, this is now definitely what I will miss the most (I have tucked it up in the utility cupboard so I don't have to see it everyday). I will have to learn to love courgette, kale and cucumber in solid form....


Thank you for the input ; ) 

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