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Liz's 1st whole30


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Okay, so maybe it wasn't a great idea to start this thing right after a bank of night shifts with unusually low amounts of sleep.  For work I packed my last non Whole30 meal (steak and rice) and one compliant meal for the wee hours of my shift.  All was well although I couldn't eat much of my hard boiled eggs and steamed broccoli with nuts.

 Of course, by the time 7 am rolled around and it was time for home, I was starving.  I finished off the broccoli and made some scrambled eggs.  I also had a spoonful of hazelnut butter (Now I know why I have to be careful with this stuff!).  

I managed to get a measly 3 hours of sleep before it was time to get up, have a lunch of chicken and sauteed spinach and off to the gym where I excited told my trainer all about the awesome meals planned for today.  

Next came grocery shopping for my veggies for the week.  We had a good dinner of Moroccan chicken and cauliflower pilaf.... and then the cravings hit.  All I wanted was sweets.  So being a good girl I skipped out on the cherries (cherries!) I bought.

 Monday nights my husband and I have cello lessons where we are currently working on a difficult for me piece.  At one point in time our teacher was explaining a concept and wrote in red pencil on our sheet of music.  This was the point in which I lost it and had a class A meltdown.  It took me the rest of our lesson to stop crying.  As we were packing up my teacher made the comment that tonight would be a good night for ice cream, thinking it would cheer me up (go to habit anyone?).  Needless to say the crying lasted all the way home.

After a cup of tea, because for me a cuppa fixes everything, I checked out for a very solid sleep, not even waking up when my husband when for his shower.  

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Day two.  Today was a lazy day and some kitchen prep.  I'm proud to say that I rocked the Well Fed mayo recipe  :) .  Eating wise was good, still craving those sugary foods after dinner which I rudely ignored.

For breakfast I had leftover (Moroccan ground chicken and cauliflower pilaf) which I fried up with some asparagus, mushrooms, spinach and an egg.  Finished off with a handful of cherries... yum!

For lunch I used up the two hard boiled eggs with a side of spaghetti squash that I had just made.  Tossed in some ghee and nutmeg and we were good to go.

Dinner was green curry with chicken, pineapple, yellow pepper, and snow peas.

Once again I slept like a rock, although I had my first food dream.  Apparently even in my dreams I'm doing the whole 30 because as soon as I put the carb filled cookie in my mouth i spat it out, LoL!


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