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Compliant Option....I think

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I finished my W30 a week ago and had great results.  On day 31 of reintroduction I had a salad with ranch for lunch (worst idea ever)  and ended up going out to eat with a friend for dinner.  The few off items i ate had me wishing i hadn't for the entire day and most of the next.  That being said, I decided since i was feeling so great while on the W30, why not pick back up where i left off and keep going.  I plan on adopting a paleo lifestyle, but figure i may as well ride this whole life out as long as possible.


Today I went to Panera and ordered a Mediterranean chicken salad.  It had lots of spinach, chicken, bacon, tomatoes and black olives.  You get half a lemon to squeeze as your salad dressing. I was leery, but turns out it was actually pretty amazing....and by amazing i mean not a crumb was left in the bowl.  The next time i get it I think i will double up on the chicken and possibly nix the bacon.  Just wanted to share a little treasure i found today!  :D

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