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Irregular Menstruation


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Hi, I'm on the last day of my Whole30 right now, but I plan on continuing with the Paleo lifestyle after I'm finished with the program.  For about a month now (since a few days into my Whole30), I've been experiencing intermittent bleeding, despite being on birth control.  Not quite spotting, not quite a full period, just somewhere in between...and most of the time.  I'm sure this new dietary plan has some effect on my hormones, and I was just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar?

Thanks everyone!

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I had the same problem when I started my whole30.  I was just opposite of you though.  I was on day 7 of my whole 30 and my period came early and stayed way longer than need be....two weeks to be exact.  The bad part for me, was that it made me extremely tired and literally struggled through the day.  By about day 24 my energy was great and more stable.  I completed my whole 30 exactly a week ago, but after one day of reintroduction decided I like how I feel better eating whole9 style.  That being said, My cycle appears to be back on track with me continuing to eat strict paleo.

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This is fairly normal.  Changes in what we eat affects our hormones significantly.  I've always been fairly regular (no BC) but during one of my whole 30's I was early by a over a week!


So keep with it, you need to be patient while your body adjusts to this way of eating.  This includes wonky hormones. They are adjusting too.

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I hear you on this, I started 9 DAYS early and have been on BC for almost 9 years.  I was quite grumpy about it.  


The last time around, I skipped mine altogether that month and was convinced I was pregnant!  Whole30, why you gotta do me like that?!  :P

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Thanks, everyone!

So I'm gathering that all of you experienced some end to the irregularity at some point during or after your whole30? I'm just worried, because like many of you, I tried reintroducing some paleo sugars today (honey mainly), and my body wasn't loving it. I would really like to continue with this diet...it makes me feel so much better in every other facet of my life. But perpetual bleeding is just not something I can live with. I'm seeing a doctor next week, but I really hope this stops. It would definitely be a deal breaker of it didn't. Fingers crossed!

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