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Restarting on June 1st


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I ended my last Whole30 on day 25 (May 25th) due to lack of food compliance with prepared foods at Disneyland last weekend.  I feel very disappointed because I had made it so far and then had to make the decision to cut it short.  I still have not reintroduced dairy, grains, gluten.  I did have to make paleo waffles for my kids so they could have breakfast, and I sit here typing this eating one with almond butter and sliced banana.  I didn't put much raw honey into them, so I'm not reeling from sugar overload.  Everything else I've had (except the waffle) since returning from vacation has been Whole30 compliant still. 

I would've restarted right when I came back, but we had friends that wanted to go out to dinner with us since I started Whole30 on May 1st, and we politely declined until after we were to be finished on May 31.  We planned on going to Ethiopian (my favorite dinner), so this weekend I will imbibe in lentils and injera (some of the food actually would've been compliant if I ate it with a fork), and then restart.  I don't think we will be taking any other vacation, and I can plan around my younger son's birthday at the end of the month.


I am amazed that since starting Whole30, it's changed my hubby's eating habits  I am more paleo than he is, but he loved breads and milk and sugar in his coffee, and all sweet stuff.  Now, he's drinking his coffee black, and recoiled from sugar in a cookie the other day.  I spent 1/2 of my last challenge threatening to eat chocolate after I was done with it.  I still haven't had any! 


Hopefully June will be a breeze! :)


First attempt: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/18733-its-finally-the-day-my-whole30-log/

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