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Lori's 1st W30 Log - June 1 Start


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Hi! I introduced myself in the "Welcome to W30" forum, but wanted to do it again here in my log.


I'm Lori and I'm starting my first W30 on June 1!    :) I have two kidlets (girl age 4 & boy 7) and a hubby and a calico cat. I love sewing and cooking and being Type A.  I earn my keep as an environmental engineer for a global oil & gas company.


I have Meniere's Disease with Migraine associated Vertigo.  I did a search on these forums for Meniere's and it came up with a goose egg.  I find it hard to believe that I'm the only MM person on here!!  It seems to me that this way of eating would be so good for us with MM!!  Meniere's is a vestibular disorder.  Read more about it here.


Due to the MM (abbreviation for Meniere's Disease, to prevent confusion with MD-muscular dystrophy) I had been eating fairly well for the last 4-5 years, since I had been diagnosed.  Over the last year, my medical issues began to subside, so poor eating habits began to creep in.  Fast food, caffeine, breads etc.  Then in March my husband had surgery that put him down for the count until just recently. I was taking care of him, our 2 young kids, working full time and keeping the household going pretty much on my own.  All the stress caused me to fall deeper into poor eating habits.  I have gained weight. I'm eating things I swore I wouldn't eat.  Some of my MM symptoms have started coming back.


So I am pressing reset! I really hope that this 30 day plan gets me back on track!!


My issues will be SUGAR!! I love me some dessert.


Also, due to MM, I am "supposed to be" low/no sodium.  So that will be another challenge for me, as grains (rice, pasta, oatmeal) were a big part of my diet since they don't have sodium.


I've got B/L/D meal plans set up, my grocery list made, and I'm excited to go out shopping and prep for the next few weeks!


Looking forward to meeting others going through this journey!

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I just searched on Meniere and found this person who reports suffering: 




Two topics where she talks about it can be found here:



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Thank you Tom! I will have to look into her.


I made it through Day 1 successfully.  Really wasn't hungry at all, with all the yummy foods and proteins I took in.  4yo even ate the same breakfast as I did, and 7yo said he couldn't have brownies for dessert because of "that food thing we're doing".  I was so proud of him!  We all had a yummy dinner of chicken/steak/veggie shish kabobs.  I had cucumber salad for a side.  7yo made apple/PB/coconut/almonds for his "dessert".


Day 2 has started off well.  I need to do better on drinking water.

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Day 2

B: 2 egg omelet with peppers,onion, tomato along with some raspberries & blueberries.  Decaf coffee w/coco milk

L: Romaine lettuce salad with tomatoes, avocado and taco dressing.  Left over steak/pepper/squash shish kabob from Day 1 dinner, sweet potato with cinnamon.  Decaf iced tea.  Shoved it all in, even though by about 3/4 way through I was full.

Pre dinner snack since I was hungry: small handful of almonds

D: Paprika lime chicken tenders with Normandy veggies


I usually have a dessert right after dinner, so I was craving that little snack.  I waited it out but was still hungry so I had coconut with mixed berries as a snack.


At bedtime I felt really empty...not really hungry but empty.  Went to bed.


Day 3 so far.


B: Woke up this morning feel nauseous and weak.  Had to get the kids ready for camp, so didn't have too much time to make a proper breakfast before I dropped them off.  Had some blueberries, coconut and coconut milk before drop off.  When I got back I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a bowlful of misc raw veggies (squash, zucc, peppers). with decaf coffee/coco milk.  Starting to fee less nauseous/weak.


I need to pull up the timeline to see what I should be expecting over the next few days.  The rain has been bad here for a week, causing me to get vertigo one day (pre W3) and dizzy yesterday.  I was able to take my  meds and it cleared up after a few hours.  Doesn't make me want to eat much either!

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Another oddity is that yesterday I was craving cokes.  I would have a coke zero or diet every now and then, but I have been primarily drinking unsweet decaf tea for a long time.  Water here and there.  So I thought it was odd that THAT is what popped up as a crave.  (though it was reasonably not too hard not to lick the bowl & Partake in the brownies I made the rest of the fam on Day 1 night!)

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Worst day ever.  My Meniere's kicked in yesterday afternoon.  Dizzy followed by extreme vertigo.  I slept most of the afternoon, shoved some avocado/mango salsa down with a few bites of chicken.  I was so nauseous and weak.  Loaded up on meds and crashed until 11:30.  Usually that works, but I woke up then still dizzy, and this morning I'm still rolling around.  I've never had my vertigo carry over more than one day.  My mom asked if it had anything to do with the W30.  I told her I couldn't imagine how, since I haven't been eating loads of sodium, which is usually the trigger.  The weather has been bad (continued low barometer), so that's what I thought it was.  Maybe it was a combo of weather/W30? I don't know what to do.  I am not hungry at all, and at this point to shove food in my mouth would only make me sick, I think.  Do I have to start over? I'm confused.

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Ndgrad98, I have exactly zero knowledge about Meniere's, so I'm not going to offer any advice. But I wanted to send a word of support to you. Hope you're feeling better!


Thank you robotarmy!!! Today continued with vertigo, nausea, weakness etc....usually it wears off after a few hours.  I had a fainting spell a few years ago due to vasovagal syncope because of low potassium.  I had a plantain cooked up in coconut oil & cinnamon earlier for some potassium and a boiled egg for protein (on top a a phenergan!).  My nausea/extreme weakness has subsided, so I'm wondering if it was that.  Anyway, still fighting the dizzies.  Going to lie down for a while and hope they are gone when I wake up.  I appreciate the kind words!

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