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I got through having my kids watched by babysitters without having them be dosed by something terrible.  The babysitters didn't stay completely compliant - the kids got rice, corn tortillas and peanut butter - but I think none of those act as stimulants on my kids.  I cannot fully say that their ADHD has disappeared, but I have not been going crazy living with them by myself for the past ten days, so I still think Paleo works on them.  We just need to get through the 4th of July and then their dad will be back on the 5th, hopefully to be greeted by two perfect angels......

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I was able to successfully complete the full 10 days of my kids paleo while my husband was gone.  My kids were perfect angels when we picked him up from the airport - I couldn't have been more proud, or more convinced that Paleo does work for my severely-affected ADHD kids.  They were quite proud of themselves, too.


Sadly, my husband does not stick with paleo when he is in charge of the kids.  I will be re-starting my whole30 tomorrow as a July whole30 and will do my best to have my kids be compliant for the meals that I feed them, but I have no control over what my husband does, which leaves them ricocheting off the ceiling by the time I get back.


Oh, and, for my July whole 30, I am taking the 30 day no complaining challenge.  The day I read this article, I said to myself "I don't complain" and then I proceeded to complain non-stop about stupid things for the next 12 hours straight.  As I was running off at the mouth, I vowed to myself that I would do a 30 day challenge with my next whole30.





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Hello - I've started on June 1st (again). This was recommended by my doctor.


I've read both books.


I made it 18 days back around in March. I hurt my back and/or had a kidney infection. Between not being able to cook, and taking pain meds, and feeling sorry for myself I started eating crap food. 


Some of these things I've been doing for a long time (sort of). I have chronic daily migraines, so I generally have to be careful about my eating (until I just give up and figure my head is going to hurt anyway). I've looked at/tried Paleo, Paleo Auto Immune Protocol, and GAPS. Oh, and Keto, as that is reported to help with migraines. 


I have found starting is okay, but sticking to these plans is difficult. So, I'm trying to find help is staying motivated. 


Last time I kept meaning to join the forums, but I never did, so this time I am. I don't really have a support network, so I thought that might help - particularly if I hit a rough patch. (I signed up for the newsletter as well.) 


I see there are a few large June 1st starter groups. 

I saw this group for the June 1st starters - and I think I'm going to need lots of help.


So far today:


3 eggs in ghee, 1/2 grapefruit, black coffee (1 cup)


larabar cashew & decaf


meatloaf with veggies & 1/4 potato, peach for dessert 

I struggle with veggies, so I mix them into meatloaf (zucchini, cauliflower, green pepper, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, tomato sauce)


Not sure about dinner yet. 


Lucky me - I like eggs for breakfast. 


Nights are hardest though - I am used to snacking through the evening/into night. And, I'm usually up until 2-3am. 



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Day one for me!  It was a success.  I have avoided this program and so many others because I just don't want to fail again.  I am going through a divorce and food has been a comfort.  A few inflammatory health issues and just feeling overall crummy was my encouragement to try once again!  I want to feel good as I begin a new season of my life!  Looking forward to connecting and finding encouragement to stay the course!

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Hey everyone! So excited to do my first Whole30 after talking to a co-worker who has had success with it. Never heard of it before that, although I had heard of paleo. Hoping to lose some weight, increase my energy and develop some healthy new eating habits - and secretly hoping my husband will see the benefits and decide to try it for himself! :) Thanks for the support group for us newbies. Still a bit anxious about food prep, but made it through Day 1, enjoyed the food - especially my homemade salsa  with a fritatta - and am look forward to taking this one victorious day at a time. Here's to your health, everyone!

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Well first day went well.  I know my weakness will be grains.  Had scrambled eggs with red peppers, tomatoes and spinach this morning and would have loved a piece of toast!   But I made it through day one and looking forward to the next 29!

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