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Whole 30 "in the bag"


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I can' find the paper/notebook that I wrote all my starting symptoms down on but I do remember that the biggest was I HURT. everywhere, like the flu, every morning when I woke up. I wasn't sure what it was, but I do know I'm not living my life that way.


Also, I do yoga 3-4 times a week and I had muscle but it was hidden.




I don't hurt most of the time.

I am sleeping better. (still not perfect)

I identified anxiety and am working to be gentle and relax and heal this.

My skin is amazing. - every where.

Less cellulite,

while I'm not as happy as I was a year ago, I'm happier than I was 30 days ago and I have less of the crazy mood swings (cry, everyone hates me) that I have been having.

my energy while not what it was a year ago, is better than it was 30 days ago.

my depression is better. much better.

I have to wear a uniform for work, I had gained enough that it was very tight. (and it's not flattering on a good day). It now fits, and is comfortable. That's an all over unmeasureable visible difference.

I've lost an inch or more on hips and waist. but more than that, I've lost "back fat" (that roll underneath your bra) and my stomach as seen from the side is a lot smaller.

My waist/curves are back, I was becoming dumpy, now I'm curvy again. I'd wear a bikini.

And you can see my muscles, everywhere, I'm still overweight, so just being able to see the muscle is so nice for me.


I'm down 7 pounds, and 2-3 body fat percentages. (10 pounds of FAT according to body fat analysis)


I could choose to whine about how "it's only seven pounds" but I feel like It's healing from the last year's health issues. which we are still testing to see if it was adrenal fatigue,  and I think the more women who navigate paleo and hormone flow during middle age, the more real good knowledge we will have about how to make transitions easier and without drugs or surgery. (really life changes are supposed to be natural and normal)

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