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I got a yeast infection during W30


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So just wanted to share my experience for other ladies.

I stopped taking all my supplements for the Whole30 including my probiotic and cranberry, which I love. On day 4-5 I noticed my butt was itching bad!! I do have a history of hemorrhoids so I started using Prep H and all that... nothing seemed to help... approximately 1 1/2 weeks ago, I started getting vaginal itching and that's when I started to wonder if maybe it was a yeast infection.... but I thought , "How can it be a yeast infection? I took all sugar and what not out of my diet ?!?!" Well I kept an eye on it, tried the Monistat 1 day treatment and tried coconut oil as well.... nothing seemed to help... Went to the doctor and I do indeed have some yeast... He feels from Candida , which I have been reading on here could be going bezerk because I am not eating added sugar.... long story short, had to take a dose of diflucan , so hopefully it'll clear up. Some girls said it went away after they go their period, but why be uncomfortable?  I Just got my period so I would've had to wait 2-3 wks for that and there's not guarantee of relief... 


Anyways, I digress... you know what's best for your body, thought I would just share my experience


It's been amazing other than that!! I'm on day 26 and feeling fantastic!!! got some Paleo cookbooks and plan to definitely take what I learned "off-roading"



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Yeah probably. I thought I would forgo supplements as suggested by the program, just to see how I do...  I wasn't on any antibiotics prior to starting the program or anything like that... just thought " When in Rome." I did find a compliant probiotic and cranberry, so I got back on those and the diflucan  seems to be working :)

I'm a nurse so I totally get the benefits of probiotics, just thought I would see what happened, just sharing my experience in case anyone else comes across the same "experience"

Thank you for your comment :) It's always great to have support!!

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I've gotten those during my w30s and figured it was like a herx reaction or something along those lines.

I've had chronic yeast issues in the past and they've flared up during my last w30'and then again when I stared taking an SBO probiotic. The first was easily treated with homeopathic yeast stuff and the second, very mild, went away on its own.

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Thanks Beets for your comment :) just to follow up... I was still having massive itching after a week of diflucan... did some more research and saw a lot of folks that were on a paleo diet had issues w/ yeast. I actually started taking a women's probiotic yesterday the rephresh one and it is really working... it's not the most paleo-friendly supplement, but after being uncomfortable for so long , I don't care :) I also saw some people added a little more starch to their diets and that seemed to help... I noticed this probiotic has potato starch in it... I also used the rephresh vaginal gel and that significantly helped too... just some food for thought for those that might be having issues... the vaginal gel you could use during Whole30, but unfortunately not the probiotic capsules... I started them after my W30 was done ...

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I stopped taking all my supplements for the Whole30 including my probiotic and cranberry


Sorry to hear that, however you can still get probiotics! I drink a healthy dose of Water kefir everyday. You can also drink kombucha, or eat sauerkraut, etc... Lots of ways to get those bacteria into your system!

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