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I have tried to do a Whole30 before, but haven't been successful.  


It has been over 12 months since the last one, and have learned a few things during this period and although some things are the same (still fatigued a lot of the time), some things are different (my menstrual cycle returned after trying a Peat-style diet with much higher carbs).  I ended up in hospital from blood loss though and have increased inflammation (tendonitis in my right wrist started 3 months ago and the neck and shoulder pain continues) - so it is still a bumpy ride!


I am trying to manage my stress levels and have better balance, as fatigue is a big issue for me (and has been for 4 years).


So, how will I do this differently?

  • I have to make sure I have enough carbohydrate - this is not low carb!  (I like what Paul Jaminet has written about safe starches)
  • I have to commit to no alcohol to help balance my hormones (reduce estrogen)
  • learn to balance the stress and fatigue - when I am tired, I have to let myself be tired and not 'fight back' with sugars for energy and when stressed, need to come up with an alternative to work through it (tea, walk, try meditation)
  • I will commit writing my meals, moods and symptoms/improvements in this journal for better accountability

I know I can feel happier and balanced again (which is how I was feeling when first starting Peat) so I have an incentive to feel like that again - but without the bloating of milk - although I think milk is what I will miss most!


Whole30 starting 1 June!!

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Day 1: So what's the big deal?


Thought that using the timeline as a heading might help stay on track when feeling ordinary.


Woke up and took measurements and weight.  That's it until 1 July.


M1: 2 hard boiled eggs with green veggie fritters

M2: mince and pineapple, carrot and green beans with sweet potato

M3: a couple of leftover organic dates and a banana (a snack).  Felt better after this

M4: steak with sweet potato, broccoli and carrot


Feeling tired and fatigued already - especially around 3pm.  I was expecting this, so when I would have gone for sugar to get me going, I am trying to just accept the fatigue and not feel like I have to fight through it.


Felt really full after dinner.  I certainly don't need more food!


First day down - woo hoo!!

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The good news is, your food is compliant.


For best results, if you are genuinely hungry in between meals (hungry = you could eat steamed fish and broccoli), have a mini meal that contains a protein and fat. Save your 1-2 daily servings of fruit to enjoy with or immediately after your main meals only. Avoid using fruit to feed the sugar dragon.

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Days 2-3: The Hangover


Today I just feel how I normally do - tired even after sleeping for 9 hours and angry and irritable at everything.  So Whole30 initial symptoms aren't any different from my normal symptoms!!  It is why I have sugar to 'tame' the anger and boost the tiredness that I constantly feel.


M1: hard boiled egg and remaining green veggie fritters

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In addition to the great advice Chris gave you I would highly encourage you to eat more at your first meal. This is the meal that sets you up for success all day. A serving of eggs is as many whole ones as you can hold in your hand without dropping them. I eat 4 almost every morning and I have fairly small hands. 

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I am disappointed with both responses from the moderators and have been thinking about this all day.  Did they not pay attention to my original note:

  • I do not  believe in eating a mini-meal that has protein and fat only.  A mini meal should be a balance of protein and fat AND carbohydrate.  I tried paleo with low carb for too long based on predominantly protein and fat and have ended up with endocrine issues.  I am a great believer in Paul Jaminet's theory of the body needing a minimum level of glucose
  • I also believe in the food reward theory - if a food doesn't taste good, you are not going to maintain this way of eating long term.  Eating something like fish and broccoli later in the afternoon (around 3pm in my log) is not only impractical but doesn't have much food reward.  Also - where is the carbohydrate with fish and broccoli
  • with my issues, I don't get 'hungry', I just get more fatigued and light headed
  • as for eating more at my first meal - I don't get hungry.  I have to force myself to eat what I ate (even with a light dinner of something like bone broth).  Even if I have a big M1, it doesn't help the fatigue and light headedness that kicks in in the afternoon

I have seen other advice given in this forum that is clearly wrong.  For example - someone was advised to IF even though given what she was describing was a scenario that she shouldn't be IF'ing.  Best done by people who are healthy.


As a result of these comments, I am not continuing with the Whole30, but continuing on based on Paul Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet.  A better focus on glucose needs and a piece of fruit is allowed as a snack!  Better to have a piece of fruit to stop a headache than diving into a bowl of sugar.  I am looking for a solution that is a complete lifestyle - being told that something like fish and broccoli is better for me than a banana (acknowledge the dates are too sugary) is enough for me to step away from this and adopt a nutrition style that is more practical (just continuing without the 'pleasure foods' of PHD other than fruit).


That's it from me. 

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I am sorry you are not going to give the Whole30 a shot. I do believe you might have mis-interpreted some of what Chris and I said.


Mini-meals don't need to be just protein and fat - but they should include those things. We never said eat fish and broccoli - it is something most people find boring and unappetizing that we use as a general litmus test to see if you are hungry or just want to eat. And broccoli is a carbohydrate - all fruit and vegetables are carbohydrates. 


I don't think any moderator on this forum would suggest IF to anyone...IF is at odds with Whole30.


Ultimately you need to do what you think is best for you. Know that if you decide to try Whole30 again we are here for you. 

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