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Would durian be considered a compliant fat (?) source?


I get them frozen from my favorite Asia shop (ingredients: frozen durian and nothing else) and usually use them like avocado, e.g. for some creamy goodness in salads. 

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They don't have as much fat as avocado, so maybe have it in addition to another source, unless you're using a lot of it. But yes, I would imagine they're in the same category as avocado.

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You can consume durian, but it is not much of a fat source. According to Wikipedia its macro breakdown for 100 grams of fruit is 

27.09 g
Dietary fiber 3.8 g  
5.33 g
1.47 g

The same amount of avocado has this macro composition

8.53 g
Sugars 0.66 g Dietary fiber 6.7 g  
14.66 g
Saturated 2.13 g Monounsaturated 9.80 g Polyunsaturated 1.82 g  
2 g
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Thanks to the both of you!

Wow, I would have guessed it must contain more fat, from the taste and "feeling of satisfaction". 

The amount I would eat in a sitting is usually a good chunk so it might "even out" compared to avocado. 

Durian is more an occasional yummy luxury rather than a daily staple anyway. But it's a good thing to be aware of, to make sure I'll add some extra fatty goodness to it when I do have it. 

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