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Fruit and nuts as a snack?


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I read on another person's post (in the serving size forum section) about how we shouldn't have fruit and nuts as snacks. 

I think we're not supposed to snack at all, but if we do need a snack, is fruit or nuts a bad idea?


Please let me know, I have been snacking on blueberries and apples when I'm hungry.

I remember reading in ISWF book that if my meals are satiating enough (with protein) than I shouldn't need to snack between meals.


I'm on day 5 and have significantly been snacking less, but still get hungry between meals (even though I'm eating 1 1/2  palms of meat at each meal.



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Short answer: fruit and nuts are not the best choice for a snack.


The idea is to create meals that satiate you for 4-5 hours. Play with your protein, veg and fat portions until you do so.


In the meantime, if you're genuinely hungry between meals (hungry = you could eat steamed fish and broccoli), have a mini meal that includes a protein and fat. Nuts are a fat source on a Whole30.Save your 1-2 daily servings of fruit to enjoy with or immediately after your main meals only.

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Hi! I ´m from Argentina and we usually have dinner at around 9 ó clock in the evenings! I have several hours between lunch (at around 1) and dinner, what can I eat?? I need help!!! thanks


The recommendation would be to have a mini-meal containing protein, vegetables and fat.

Leftovers are a popular choice.

Some specific mini-meal ideas:

- tuna, egg, chicken or salmon salad made with homemade mayo, and a baked sweet potato on the side

- hard boiled egg with sliced peppers and olives

- compliant prosciutto with avocado and cucumber

- sardines packed in olive oil with compliant sauerkraut 

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