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IBS Protocol Vegetables


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I'm on day 8 of my 2nd Whole30 with  Low FODMAP and IBS Protocol.

I have a question about vegetables in the IBS Protocol. It says to cook vegetables well and in small pieces which is fine, but I didn't know if this applies to all vegetables, or only vegetables you would typically cook anyway.

For example salad vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, peppers etc are often eaten raw, and I used to fill lettuce leaves and bell peppers with tuna or egg for something quick to eat - but should I stay away from salad vegetables as well because they are raw? I know some salad vegetables are technically fruits and I eat fruit raw.


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Cooked veggies digest more easily than raw veggies, so we recommend cooking veggies if you have digestion problems. While you can eat raw salad ingredients, you might want to select veggies you cook to make things easier on your digestion. And if you can cook something rather than eat it raw, you might want to do that. 


I frequently wilt arugula and cook peppers because I like my veggies cooked. I even included lettuce in a baked egg dish once or twice. I did not have spinach and wanted some "greens" and used what I had. It kind of worked. :)

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