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Restarting, any advice not from the book?

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I did a Whole30 in January and it was fantastic. Then I went to Costa Rica and ruined everything. Last month I wanted to do it again, started, then got caught up in the hype of a "quick fix" shake cleanse my friend was doing and went off of it. Since starting that I did notice some weight loss...and decreased performance in my workouts. Also they want you to not eat anything but these wafers and drink a juice once or twice a week and I just really love food so it was not working for me. And now I'm sick (I'm almost always sick) and I have a Spartan Race this weekend and I just keep thinking to myself what am I doing?? Just eat real food!

Anyways. I have the book and I'm in the process of reading it, since I have today and tomorrow off, and I have a fridge and pantry stocked width coconut oil, coconut milk, free range eggs, apples, lemons, avocados, a spaghetti squash, cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, and basically anything green and leafy they had in the store at the time. Plus a freezer full of meat (can't get all grass fed, but I bought the best I could and at the very least the ones with no hormones or antibiotics).

I have Addison's Disease and take medication for that daily, as well as omega 3s and a 2500 mcg B12 supplement. I was told I should look into iron supplements as well but I figure I'll give eating more meat a chance since I love meat. They are almost positive I have Celiac as well, my blood test came back inconclusive but it's fairly common with Addison's and I seem to have all of the symptoms (except I'm overweight and have extreme trouble losing instead of the other way around) so I'm content to assume I have it instead of opting for the stomach biopsy which sounds super sucky.

I know the program isn't about weight loss, and it's a relief not to track calories (although I will be tracking what I eat via pictures to give myself an idea of my portion sizes and how I build my plate.) but I am not happy with how I look and if I end up losing weight then fantastic! I do need to remind myself about eating fat though, I tend to not eat enough and then end up starving.

Anyways, after all that rambling, does anyone have any advice for me that I won't find in the book? Tricks that worked for them in difficult circumstances? Any advice/motivation would be much appreciated.

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